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Catalogue of Books (not Journals.)

1. Temminck. Hist. nat. des Pigeons et des Gallinaces. On Hybridisation — Pheasants — migratory instinct. —

2. Royle. Illustrations of the Bot. of Himalaya. On [illeg] on wandering genera. —
Rev. Hope on insects. —

3. Royle Productive Resources: on difference of cactus with respect to cochineal. on herding of sheep. — (Horses from Algiers [illeg] in Crimea) on series of silkworm & mulberries on plants in Botanic genera [hardy]

4 White's Selbourne of Bennett & Herbert. — on increased checkof Birds & Toads: on herds of Dean separate; on number of modes on migration. —

5. Des Jacinthes on curious varieties & by sports; on non-hereditary — on autumn colours. more tender. Decandolle says white are hereditary

6 Adams on Hereditary Peculiarities — [complexion] with [consanguinity] with respect to age

7 Humboldts aspect of nature — on separation of character in recent times compared to extinct genera. Few facts on Geogr Distrib of Plants

8. Seemans Voyage. crossing dogs & wolves. on vegetation of mountain. of Isthmus of Panama, like that of Mexico. —

9. Schleiden a biography of Plants — on higher plants; on causes of variation — on relation of number of individuals to number of species

10 Baden Powell. Unity of Worlds. — Extracts for Fables on simple creations

11 Dana Geology of Ex Exped. stones in roots of trees. Relation of Tertiary on 2 sides of America. — Boulder formation.

1. Temminck, Coenraad Jacob. 1813-15. Histoire naturelle générale des pigeons et des gallinacés. 3 vols. Amsterdam and Paris.
2. Royle, John Forbes. 1839. Illustrations of the botany and other branches of the natural history of the Himalayan mountains, and of the flora of Cashmere. 2 vols. London.
3. Royle, John Forbes. 1840. Essay on the productive resources of India. London.
4. Bennett, Edward Turner, ed. 1837. The natural history and antiquities of Selborne. [By Gilbert White.] A new edition with notes by Edward Turner Bennett. London.
5. [Saint-Simon, Maximilien Henri, Marquess de]. 1768. Des Jacintes, de leur anatomie, reproduction, et culture. Amsterdam.
6. Adams, Joseph. 1815. A treatise on the supposed hereditary properties of diseases, containing remarks on the unfounded terrors and ill-judged cautions consequent on such erroneous opinions. 2d ed. London.
7. Humboldt, Alexander von. 1849. Aspects of nature, in different lands and different climates; with scientific elucidations. Translated by Elizabeth Juliana Sabine. 2 vols. London.
8. Seemann, Berthold Carl. 1853. Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. Herald during the years 1845-51, under the command of Captain H. Kellett being a circumnavigation of the globe, and three cruises to the Arctic regions in search of Sir J. Franklin. 2 vols. London.
9. Schleiden, Matthias Jacob. 1848. The plant: a biography. Translated by A. Henfrey. London.
10. Powell, Baden. 1855. Essays on the spirit of the inductive philosophy, the unity of worlds, and the philosophy of creation. London.
11. Dana, James Dwight. 1849. Geology. Vol. 10 of United States Exploring Expedition during the years 1838-1842, under the command of Charles Wilkes, U.S.N. New York.


12. Macculloch attributes of the Deity. cases of adaptation false examples — general remarks but not much good.

13. Knox Great artists & great anatomists. History of development

14. Knox Races of Man — tall man consumptive

15 Tschudi Travels in Peru — Races of Horses. - races of maize extinct.

16 Linnaeus tour in Lapland — rudiments of [horses] — Manner of Rein-Deer — [illeg] colour of — Laplanders distinguishing Rein-deer — Plants extending when they do not seed. — change in Silena inflata & mauritanica

17 Scrope art of Deer Stalking. on instinct. acquired. Rutting season: form great size of deer. difference in different parts of Scotland of the deer. — on Scotch & Irish wolf dogs. on crossing breeds. — ancient history of Dogs. much on these Dogs.

18. Lloyd Scandinavian Adventures. — on jaw of Salmon. vars. of Bears: animals destroyed by waters: — Experiments on vars. of Foxes. (N.B I th Migration of Lemming. — Eagle carrying child — size of Rein-deer. — Geese parent of — eggs of. —

19. Godron Florula Juvenalis. - on means of distribution of Plants. Salt-marshes. odd distrib. of [illeg]. Change of seeds of agriculturist. — Var. of [Binus] in certain crosses. — naturalized plants at Tal Juvenal.

12. Macculloch, J. 1837. Proofs and Illustrations of the Attributes of God, 3 vols. London.
13. Knox, Robert. 1852. Great artists and great anatomists; a biographical and philosophical study. London.
14. Knox, Robert. 1850. The races of men: a fragment. London.
15. Tschudi, Johann Jakob von. 1849. Travels in Peru: during the years 1838-1842, on the coast, in the Sierra, across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the primeval forests. London.
16. Linnaeus (Carl von Linné). 1811. Lachesis Lapponica; or, a tour in Lapland, now first published from the original manuscript journal of the celebrated Linnaus; by J. E. Smith. 2 vols. London.
17. Scrope, William. 1838. The art of deer-stalking, illustrated by a narrative of a few days' sport in the forest of Atholl. London.
18. Lloyd, Llewellyn. 1854. Scandinavian adventures, during a residence of upwards of twenty years with some account of the northern fauna. 2 vols. London.
19. Godron, Dominique Alexandre. 1853. Florula juvenalis. Montpellier.


Catalogue of Books extracted (not Journals)

20. Busk, Catalogue of Polyzoa. — on range of in N. & S.

21. Vernon Harcourt, Madeira. var. of Birds. — [Rearing] Canary Birds. — swift different habit. — Madeira Birds. Pigeons var. of Straggling Birds. & Letter & Mason on Currents

22 Loudon arboretum et fructicetum: many curious varieties & hereditary vars.

23. Gallesio, Teoria dell Riproduzione. on variability on sterility. — oranges sour 7 sweet on same branch. On variation of seedling oranges. — on crossing natural of oranges. origin of Adams apple, a hybrid. Much for & against Jourdan on crossing double flowers — good effect of crossing amiculas. on oranges & lemon cross impregnated fruit affected & numerous such cases

24. Cybele Britannica H.C. Watson. number in each country — relation of alpine Hecas — no 2 species exactly same distinct & frequency — alpine seeding. — passage of Vida — on Lychnis dioica & serpentina — others stricken — on relation of Tonnus, Cerastus & apple to tame plants. — var. of Geum & Saxifraga.

25. Bells quadrupeds. vars. of mole. relatives of Galeopithecum. on excess of males: Irish Otter var. of — Variations in Habits. — On Dogs & other domestic animals. —

20. Busk, George. 1852-4. Catalogue of marine Polyzoa in the collection of the British Museum. Edited by J. E. Gray. 2 parts London.
21. Harcourt, Edward Vernon. 1851. A sketch of Madeira; containing information for the traveller, or invalid visitor. London.
22. Loudon, John Claudius. 1838. Arboretum et fructicetum britannicum; or the trees and shrubs of Britain, native and foreign, delineated and described. 8 vols. London.
23. Gallesio, Giorgio. 1816. Teoria della riproduzione végétale. Pisa.
24. Watson, Hewett Cottrell. 1847-59. Cybele Britannica; or British plants, and their geographical relations. 4 vols. London.
25. Bell, Thomas. 1837. A history of British quadrupeds, including the Cetacea. London.



26 Buckland Bridgewater Treatise. Pteropus swimming. antiquity of caverns

27 Macleay. Horae Entomologicae: on classification. very little, good sentence on analogy as distinct from affinity p.6 & on osculant groups having few species. —

28. Notes from Prichard of no great consequence

29 Wollaston Insecta Maderiensis. Commonest insects belong to larger genera. The commonest also have many vars. The larger families very doubtfully been made easy — variability in male character. — Transitional characters Wollaston on. Remarks on Coleoptera of Galapagos & Land Shells.

30 Prichard Nat. Hist. of Man. 3d Edit.

31. Gosse Birds of Jamaica. measures of Guinea Fowl. variation in wild Birds. (Pigeon. Turkeys. Hist of

32 Salt. Voyage to Abyssinia: mammals of do. C. Guinea domesticated.

33 Boreau Flore du C. de la France. Distinction between variation & vars. — Sychium, Anagallis & range of Parnassus

34 Furnrohr Flora Ratisbonensis Lychnis

35 Watson Remarks on Geogr. Distrib. of Plants

26. Buckland, William. 1836. Geology and mineralogy considered with reference to natural theology. (Bridgewater Treatise no. 6.) 2 vols. London.
27. Macleay, William Sharp. 1819-21. Hora entomologica; or, essays on the annulose animals. Vol. 1, parts 1 and 2 (no more published). London.
28. Prichard, James Cowles. 1836-47. Researches into the physical history of mankind. 3d ed. 5 vols. London
29. Wollaston, Thomas Vernon. 1854. Insecta Maderensia; being an account of the insects of the islands of the Madeiran group. London.
30.Prichard, James Cowles. 1848. The natural history of man. 3d ed., enlarged. London.
31. Gosse, Philip Henry. 1847. The birds of Jamaica. London.
32. Salt, Henry. 1814. A voyage to Abyssinia, and travels into the interior of that country. London.
33. Boreau, Alexandre. 1840. Flore du centre de la France; ou, description des plantes qui croissent spontanément dans la région centrale de la France. 2 vols. Paris.
34. Furnrohr, August-Emmanuel. 1839. Flora Ratisbonensis: verzeichniss der um Regensburg wildwachsenden Phanerogamen. Regensburg.
35. Watson, Hewett Cottrell. 1835. Remarks on the geographical distribution of British plants: chiefly in connection with latitude, elevation, and climate. London.



Catalogue of Books (not Journals)

36. J. Barnard Davis Crania Britannica

37. Temminck Coup d'Oeil sur l'Inde Archipelagique

38. Watson Remarks on Distrib. of B. plants, with letters on variation of agragrian plants

39. Brehm Handbuch Vögel

40 Colqunhoun The Moor & the Loch

41.Yarrells Hist of British Birds

42 Murchison & Co Geology of Russia

43 Audubon Ornitholog. Biography

44 Goulds Birds of Australia

45. Bennett. Gatherings of a naturalist

36. Davis, Joseph Barnard. 1865. Crania Britannica: delineations and descriptions of the skulls of the aboriginal and early inhabitants of the British Islands; with notices of their other remains. 2 vols. London.
37. Temminck, Coenraad Jacob. 1846. Coup-d'oeil général sur les possessions néerlandaises dans l'Inde archipélagique. Leide.
38. Watson, Hewett Cottrell. 1835. Remarks on the geographical distribution of British plants: chiefly in connection with latitude, elevation, and climate. London.
39. Brehm, Christian Ludwig. 1831. Handbuch der Naturgeschichte aller Vögel Deutschlands. Ilmenau.
40. Colquhoun, John. 1840. The moor and the loch: containing practical hints on most of the Highland sports; and notices of the habits of the different creatures of game and prey in the mountainous districts of Scotland. Edinburgh and London.
41. Yarrell, William. 1837-45. A history of British Birds. London.
42. Murchison, Roderick Impey, Verneuil, Edouard de, and Keyserling, Alexander von. 1845. The geology of Russia in Europe and the Ural mountains. 2 vols. London and Paris.
43. Audubon, John James. 1832. Ornithological biography, or, An account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America. Philadelphia.
44. Gould, John. 1848. The birds of Australia. 7 vols. London.
45. Bennett, George. 1860. Gatherings of a naturalist in Australasia : being observations principally on the animal and vegetable productions of New South Wales, New Zealand, and some of the Austral Islands. London

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