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Flora 1833 1 B. Beiblatter zur Flora.

Beiträge zur genau: Kennt: des Irisarten von. Hrn. E. von Berg p. 1. ( see Back of Page at end of p 7. from Steudel)

p.25. Iris pumila flore variegato — only one which brings full seed to ripeness.

p. 32 — The seedlings of this vary much: the 2d. var. might be mistaken for I. Clusiana — In another experiment 8 seedlings differed only slightly in colour from parent, & were more or less near to I. biflora & I. Bohemica ; the 9th seedlings

p. 34. Iris plicata seedlings f.. has not the irritability against damp weather, which parent has & approaches I. variegata. The 2d seedling resembled I var. lonibata.

p 35 Iris squalens, 5 seedlings of, all sported slightly

p 37 Iris neglecta , 1 seedling varied

p 37 I. Germanica 3 seedlings varied slightly

— I. Sweetii 2 seedlings, 1 like parent, 1 with single flowered stem

— I. Biflora & I. Bohemica. 30-40 seedlings as both are good seed-Bearers; but all extraordinarily constant.


p. 38 Iris pallida, 1 seedling passed in interesting manner towards I. sambucina — a 3d seedling gave a complete I. squalens

p 39 I. flaverescens accordng to Steudel is I. squalens of Linn., 1 seedling of came up I. variegata Linn.

p 40. J. Sigmund Elsholz in 1715 says seedlings of Iris are scarcely ever like parents.

p 41 says some plants of Iris, which never produce seed: & these have no natural known petitars & ∴ thinks them Garden productions.

Nachschrift by Dr. Hornschuch p. 44 In "Haynes Arzney gewachsen" quotes C. Bouché's excellent observations, who by sowing seeds of I. germanica raised many varieties. —

p 45. .He concludes that I. florentina, flavorescens, neglecta , sordida . lucida, pallida, plicata, sambucina, squalens, variegata, sweetii , biflora, Bohemica, (13 rejected species) are all vars of I. Germanica. = I. florentina, Germanica, & pallida, remain unaltered in their own wild habitat, & are fd. separate & wild.

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