RECORD: Darwin, C. R. n.d. Abstract of Turpin, Latreille in Memoires Museum Paris vol. 3. CUL-DAR73.20. Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker, edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker, edited by John van Wyhe 3.2014. RN1

NOTE: References:

Turpin, P. J. F. 1817. Lettre a M. le Baron de Beauvois relative à sa notice preliminaire sur les Palmiers. Mémoires du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris) 3: 411-417.

Latreille, P. A. 1817. Introduction a la geographie generale des Arachnides et des Insectes, ou des climats propres a ces animaux. Mémoires du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle (Paris) 3: 37-67.

Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.


p 413 — "Lettre de M. Turpin — Palimices."

dans les Rosacees one of the ovules always aborts so in Jasminees there is abortion of ovules, — so cupuliferes — in chesnut there are 12 ovules, yet most commonly only one fruit — so als in Palms, there is constant abortion.

p. 39 Tom III) Latreille "Geographue generale des insectes" — The Prionus dessarius found only in Sweden & Swiss mountains — Lycus minutus in boreal regions & Cantab — Butterfly called apollon. Sweden & Swiss mountains —

p. 44 insects of East part of Asia & China distinct for those of Europe & Africa under similar latitudes.

p. 51. insects of Madagascar, in their families allied to Africa, with many quite distinct forms. — those of Mauritius & Bourbon, vestiges of same affinities, but more with those of India.

(I shd think of chain of islands. — can be shown in itself probable. — )


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