RECORD: Darwin, C. R. Wallace A.R [Remarks on the habits, distribution, and affinities of the genus Pitta]; Baird; Coues; Swinhoe; Blyth; Salvin `Ibis' 6 1864-5 CUL-DAR74.189-190. Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker, edited by John van Wyhe. (Darwin Online,

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Ibis Vol. 6 1864 —

Mr Wallace on genus Pitta, excellent remarks on each island having its own species. The one species which has wide range in India presents several unstable forms graduating into each other. The little Isd of Banca has 2 endemic species; & the 2 species of which they seem to be modifications are common to Sumatra & Borneo. Discusses this case & shows that the nearness of Banca to Sumatra is probably illusory.

Ibis 1865 p. 225 The absence of Alauda cristata from Sardinia is very remarkable, even more so than its nonoccurrence of the N.W. of the Straits of Dover whilst so plentiful between Calais & Boulogne.

p. 346 Prof Baird insists on the number of specimens, especially from cliff localities to make out species of birds.


Ibis 1865 p. 538 Mr Comes Coues states that the Gila woodpecker (Centropus uropygialis?) does not live on trees at all but on the giant cactuses, it digs holes into the soft stems & feeds on fruit & insects.

Ibis 1866 p. 132 Mr Swinhoe an account of a flamingo killed with its legs covered with Barnacles.

p. 226 Mr Blyth on birds of Ceylon, only 30 or 40 species peculiar, several of these merely specialised representatives. Some mountain forms the same with these on mountains of India.

Ibis 1867 p. 109 Mr Salvin on the genus Cinelus; an excellent paper showing that the 13 species may be divided into 5 good sp., representatives sp. & local races. Remarks

190 verso

that there is no minimum value for a species, constancy being the criterion. Says he has not observed existence of 2 closely allied forms in this genus in same area.

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