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Jun 1. 1842

Allen W. sowed some years since gathered the seeds of Papaver bracteatum, & the Papaver oncitate was growing in same garden. & out of 60 seedlings not one came up true. — colour of flower & foliage not being like the true P. bracteatum; all supposed to have been hybridised = Has tried several year to obtain seed, but the pods have (except this one year (1827), always been empty. — See separate note —


Elizabeth says several years ago seeds were procured with the P. orientale in garden & all came up hybridised. It is possible to raise them pure for Miss Bent three years since gave her some

She means to try this year. Little variation in 60 one brighter with mere traces of black spot [at] base, one paler with less riged foliage & no black spot & a third considerably paler, all rest very similar —

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