RECORD:Darwin, C. R. and Emma Darwin. Humboldt, Personal narrative IV: 515--522, 416. CUL-DAR85.A72 Transcribed by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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Humboldt iv1

p. 515 the Chica pain is so dear that a man works for a fortnight to get enougoh to paint himself red.2

p 518. On the tendency to exaggerate each nation's peculiarity.

p 522. Fertile imagination shewn in painting themselves.

p 466. Great attention in the Caribees in painting themselves Great importance attached to the calf of the leg

1 Humboldt 1819-29, vol. 4. This document is apparently written in Emma Darwin's handwriting. These notes were taken for Darwin's Descent of man.

2 Humboldt 1819-29, vol. 4, p. 515.

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