RECORD: Darwin, C. R. Limited Inheritance after reading Wallace / If any tendency to transmit . (4.1871) CUL-DAR88.145 Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker, edited by John van Wyhe. (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker, corrected and edited by John van Wyhe, corrections by Gordon Chancellor 11.2011. RN2


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Reproduced with the permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.


Mar 23/ 71. Limited Inheritance, after reading Wallace. —

If any tendency to transmit blue tint to ♂s alone, this wd be increased by selection by granting their descendants, who thus transmitted blueness in greater number. — But a similar tendency is requisite for each [illeg] variation in colour. — So when [action] to blue colour would be preserved, & the ♀ which inherited blueness wd be killed in greater number than other ♀s & then condition in which blueness was transmitted to ♂s alone wd be favoured.

It is possible that in all cases there may be so slight tending in a variation [arriving] in in one sex to be transmitted the same way ∴ & if so decided result wd be obtained; but I know of no evidence of this — & some facts opposed, as in case of which (Dr P. Lucas) characters are transmitted to opposite sex. —

145 verso

the tendency to conserve, on the successive [c. 8 words illeg] some be eliminated. & that both sexes is the same colour

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