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p 331 332} 2 males to 1 female

307 Carp 336 Bream} but no proof that more than the requisite

373 Minnow see Loudon p. 682 --- (Also for sexual selection important)

{373 Spawn of the Minow vol 5. p. 681 Mag of Nat. Loudons Mag

Males of minnow 10 times as numerous during spawning

Yarrell. B. Fishes

Vol I.

on 2 males requisite for one female.



307 common carp. ♀ followed by 2 or 3 ♂Cyprinus carpis


331. Tench (Tinca vulgaris) 2 ♂ to ♀ or not less than 3 to 2 proper proportion to stock a pond She is usually followed when spawning by 2 males.

336 The ♀ bream (Abramis brama) is followed by 3 or 4 ♂

Minnow Leuciscus phoxinus (also Cyprinidæ) in Polyandry.

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