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An introduction by R. B. Freeman

Only works containing important or large series of letters are included here. De Beer (in. No. 1595) gives about thirty further references to publications which contain one or a few letters, but his list is far from complete. The three basic biographical works, which contain many letters, have been treated separately above (Nos 1452,1548 & 1552). An authoritative list must await the publication of the projected Collected letters.

[Since this was written The correspondence of Charles Darwin (1985-) has appeared which has produced an authoritative list of all known letters as well as many volumes of transcribed correspondence enriched with superb editorial notes and appendices. JvW]

[1833]. [Recollection of Darwin in Buenos Ayres]. In Macdonell. 1913. Reminiscences of diplomatic life. Text F2097

1858. [Letter on zoological nomenclature]. In Memoirs of Hugh Edwin Strickland, M.A. Text Image F1983

[1860]. [Letters from Darwin]. In Moffat. 1898. Life and letters of Alexander Goodman More. Text F2089

[1867]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Conway. 1905. Autobiography. Text F2098

[1868]. [Recollection of Darwin by H. W. Longfellow]. In 1885. Louis Agassiz. Text F2088

[post 1868]. [Printed acknowledgement of correspondence]. Text Image PDF F1958

[1870]. [Recollection of a visit to Darwin]. In Gröben. 1982. Charles Darwin and Anton Dohrn, Correspondence. Text F2090

1871. [Two letters to C. Boner]. In Memoirs and letters of Charles Boner. Text Image PDF F1950

[1871-80]. [Recollections of Darwin and letters to John Fiske]. In Spencer Clark, John ed. 1917. The life and letters of John Fiske, 2 vols. New York: Houghton Mifflin, vol. 1, pp. 481-82, 477, vol. 2, pp. 133-34. Text F2108

[1871]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In: Fiske. 1894. Edward Livingston Youmans. Text F2091

[1871]. [F. W. Farrar. Recollection of Darwin]. In Farrar. 1904. The life of Frederic William Farrar. Text F2101

[1872-8]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Higginson. 1900. Cheerful yesterdays. Text F2096

[1872-82]. [Recollections of Darwin]. In Breuer. 1984. The note-books of Samuel Butler. Text F2103

[1875-81]. [Recollection and letter of Darwin]. In 1919. The life and letters of Lady Dorothy Nevill. Text F2109

[1876]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In Howell. 1907. Mark Twain speeches. Text F2102

1876. [Letters to J. Torbitt on potato propagation]. In Cras credemus. A treatise on the cultivation of the potato from the seed, having for proposed results the extinction of the disease, and a yield of thirty, forty or more tons of tubers per statute acre. Text F1978

1877. [Letter on Stock Dove]. In Charles Kingsley. Text Image PDF F1951

[1877]. A visit to Darwin at Down. K. A. Timiriazev: A visit to Darwin. Text F2093

[1877]. [Recollection of Darwin on Gladstone]. In Morely. 1911. The life of William Ewart Gladstone. Text F2092

[1877-8]. [P. Geddes. Recollection of Darwin]. In Thompson. 1931. Life. Text F2100

1878. [Extracts of letters on potato cultivation.] In Cultivation of the Potato. To the Right Hon. Sir Stafford H. Northcote Bart., C.B., Chancellor of the Exchequer, &c., London. Text Image F1979

1878. [Letters]. In Thayer, Letters of Chauncey Wright. Text Image F1917

1880. [Letter to Samuel Butler on Kosmos and Erasmus Darwin]. In Butler, Unconscious memory, pp. 72-3. Text Image PDF F1992

[1880-1882]. [Letter to M. North and recollection of a visit to Down House]. In Recollections of a happy life being the autobiography of Marianne North. Text Image F2002

1881. [Letter on the expression of the eye]. In Plumptre, King’s College lectures on elocution: or, The physiology and culture of voice and speech, and the expression of the emotions by language, countenance, and gesture…, pp. 290-1. Text Image PDF F1994

[1881]. [Richter. Recollection of Darwin]. In Fifield. 1993. True artist and true friend. Text F2094

1881. [Letter on subsidence in the Pacific]. In Semper, The natural conditions of existence as they affect animal life. Text Image PDF F1952

1882. [Recollection and letters of Darwin]. In Riley. 1882. Darwin's Work in Entomology. Text F2104

1882. [Quotation from a letter on civilizing the Fuegians]. Leisure Hour, p. 533. Text Image F2022

[1882]. [Candolle. Recollection of Darwin]. In Bettany. Life of Charles Darwin. Text F2095

1882. [Letter to N. A. von Mengden 'Science has nothing to do with Christ']. In Haeckel, Die Naturanschauung von Darwin, Goethe und Lamarck, p. 60. Text F1998

1883. [Letter on wine and tobacco as stimulants]. In Study and stimulants, p. 38. Text Image F1987

1891. [Letters to W. Preyer et al] In Preyer, Briefe von Darwin: mit Erinnerungen und Erlaeuterungen. Deutsche Rundschau 17, no. 9 (June): 356-390. Text Image F6

1894. [Recollections and letter of Darwin]. In Brace. 1894. The Life of Charles Loring Brace, pp. 319-22; 376-7. Text F2086

1894. [Recollection and letters of Darwin]. In Cobbe. 1894. Life of Frances Power Cobbe. Text F2099

1894. [1868 Letter of Darwin]. In Letters of Asa Gray. Text F2110

1895. [Letter to J. Wolf]. In Palmer, The Life of Joseph Wolf, pp. 192-8. Text F2087

1897-1908. [Letter favouring competition among trades unions and the working classes.] In Heinrich Fick. Text F1943

[1896]. [Correspondence with Romanes, 1875-1881]. In Romanes ed., 1908. The life and letters of George John Romanes. 6th impression. London: Longmans. Text F2111

1900. [Letter to L. A. Reeve supporting his election to the Royal Society]. Journal of Conchology 9 (July): 344-357, p. 352. Text Image F1997

Marchant, J. ed. 1916. Alfred Russel Wallace letters and reminiscences.
Vol. 1. Text Image PDF F1592.1
Vol. 2. Text Image PDF F1592.2

Marchant, J. ed. 1916. Alfred Russel Wallace letters and reminiscences. Text Image PDF F1593

1970. [Recollection of and letters to de Vries]. In Peter W. van der Pas. The correspondence of Hugo de Vries and Charles Darwin. Janus 57: 173-213. Text F2106

Barlow, N. ed. 1967. Darwin and Henslow. The growth of an idea. Text Image PDF F1598 Click to see illustrations




From: Freeman, R. B. 1977. The Works of Charles Darwin: An Annotated Bibliographical Handlist. 2nd Eden. Dawson: Folk stone.

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