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Identifier: CUL-DAR73.78-81
Date: [Undated]
Name: Darwin Charles Robert
Attributed title: `Phytologist' 1: 40, 95-96, 204, 296; Watson H.C; [Notices] `Phytologist' 2 1845: 218ff, 852-853; 463
Description: Mill, J. S. 1841. Notes on plants growing in the neighbourhood of Guildford, Surrey. Phytologist 1: 40-41. [Newman, Edward]. 1841. Proceedings of the Botanical Society of London. Phytologist 1: 95-96. Brichan, James B. 1842. Note on the British Pyrolae. Phytologist 1: 296. Watson, Hewett C. 1844. Report on an experiment which bears upon the specific identity of the cowslip and primrose. Phytologist 2: 217-219. Watson, Hewett C. 1844. On the theory of 'progressive development' applied in explanation of the Origin and Transmutation of species. Phytologist 2: 225-228. Corder, Thomas. 1845. On the identity of Avena sativa with A. fatua, being the result of observations during a residence of five years in the province of South Australia. Phytologist 2: 337-338. Anon. 1846. Notice of 'Flora Azorica: founded upon the collections and notes of the two Hochstetters. By Mauritius Seubert. Bonn, 1844.' Phytologist 2: 461-464. Anon. 1846. Notice of the "London Journal of Botany' Nos. 44 dated August 1845 to No. 50, dated February 1946, inclusive. Phytologist 2: 464-467. Watson, Hewett C. 1847. Further experiments bearing upon the specific identity of the cowslip and primrose. Phytologist 2: 852-854.
Document type: Abstract
Cross reference: [Marginalia vol.3]

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