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Identifier: F1099c.1
Date: 1881
Concise reference: Darwin, C. R. 1881. The descent of man [in Japanese]. Translated by Kōzu Senzaburō. Tokyo: Yamanaka Ichibeē, Maiji.
Detailed reference: 1099c. Japanse, 1881 Tokyo, Ichibe Yamanaka. vol. I contains prefaces to 1st and 2d editions of Descent of man Nos 936 & 944; vol. II contains chapter 1 and vol. III chapter 2. All published, intended to form 9 vols containing chapters 1-7 and 21. See also No.717a. Translation of the second American edition of Darwin's Descent of man. May also contain selections of Origin of species. 查爾斯・駝韻 (チャールス・ダーウィン). 人類の由来及び雌雄淘汰より見たる男女の関係. 神津専三郎訳. 東京: 山中市兵衛.


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