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Identifier: F1986
Date: 1905
Concise reference: ПРОИЗХОДЪТЪ НА ВИДОВЕТѣ [Origin of Species and Autobiography in Bulgarian]. Lozanov and Dukemedjiev Printing House, Vidin, 1905.
Detailed reference: ПРОИЗХОДЪТЪ НА ВИДОВЕТѣ [Origin of Species]. Lozanov and Dukemedjiev Printing House, Vidin, 1905. Title page, portrait of Darwin, half title for Autobiography, pp. 5-67; half title for Origin, 1-595 (incl. chart at page 132), 4 pages TOC. Handwritten note lose in front: ‘The Origin of the Kinds, Darwin, written in Bulgarian language with some old letters.' Angus Carroll 2008 First Bulgarian edition of The Origin of Species, prefixed by his Autobiography, translated from the sixth London edition by M. Fiampova and I. H. A Timiryazova, in partnership with editors H. Pushkarova and D. S. B. Lova. Printed and published in 1905 by the Vidin printshop of Lozanov and Dukemedjiev, who, according to the notice on the lower cover, had the book priced at five levs. I have found very little information on this translation or the associated names. It is a rare book, with no copies located in OCLC, KVK, or EL; however NALIS finds two, at the Bulgarian Central Medical Library and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Octavo, 212 x 147 x 25 mm. 67, [1] (Autobiography); 595, [1], [4] (Origin of Species).- Bill Cotter, 2013


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