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Identifier: F2023
Date: 1913--1917
Concise reference: Darwin, C. R. 1913-1917. Lajien synty luonnollisen valinnan kautta eli luonnon suosimien rotujen säilyminen taistelussa olemassaolosta. Translated by A. R. Koskimies. Hämeenlinna: Karisto.
Detailed reference: Angus Carroll 2008. Translated from the 6th London edition. First Finnish edition of The Origin of Species, translated from the 6th London edition by A. R. Koskimies, who is perhaps better known for his translations of Le Sage, Jane Austen, and Boccaccio. Though the translation came fairly late compared to those of much of the rest of Europe---more than a dozen countries preceded it---interested Finlanders had been reading a translation of the 5th London edition since 18711,---in Swedish, the language of academe in Finland at the time. Our book was issued in eight parts, the last in 1917. It is a rare book; only the National Library of Finland owns a copy. 226 x 185 x 39 mm. XVI, 622. Portrait of Darwin, protected by a glassine sheet, bound at front. Last page is the corrigenda - Bill Cotter 2013


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