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Identifier: F909a.2
Date: 1958
Concise reference: Darwin, C. R. 1958. The variation of animals and plants under domestication [in Chinese]. vol. 2. Translated by Ye Du-zhuang. Peking: Peking Science Press.
Detailed reference: 909a. Chinese, 1957 September, 1958 December Peking, Science Press, 2 vols. vol. 1 1800 copies, vol. II 1720 copies. vol. I translated by Yeh Tu-chuang & Fang Zong-xi, vol. II by Yeh alone. 查尔斯·达尔文. 1957-8. 动物和植物在家养下的变异. 第1冊. 叶笃庄, 方宗熙译. 北京: 北京科学出版社. Vol. 1 Pp331 Vol. 2 Pp334-633


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