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CUL-DAR6.1-13    Draft:    [1844]   1844 Essay, Draft A [species theory]. / 'First Pencil Sketch of Species Theory'   Text   Image
CUL-DAR6.14    Note:    [1842]   [Outline of the 1842 sketch of species theory] Chapter — Number each paragraph (plan of themes for item CUL-DAR6.13)   Text   Image
CUL-DAR6.16-50    Draft:    [1842.05.00--1842.06.00]   Sketch of Species Theory — rough copy much corrected   Text   Image
CUL-DAR6.1r    Note:    [1842.06.after]   Ink wrapper entitled: 'First Pencil Sketch of Species Theory | Written at Maer & Shrewsbury during May & June 1842'   Text   Image
CUL-DAR6.51    Draft:    [1857.09.00]   (I) It is wonderful what the principle of Selection by Man that is the picking out of individuals with any desired quality   Text   Image
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