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CC-Oldlibrary0.12.14-9    Draft:    1821--1822   Geological description of Anglesea : from the Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. [Corrected proof with original hand drawings and map. ]   Image
CC-T.11.25    Note:    1827--1831   [Christ's College, Cambridge] Students' Bills 1821 - 1832   Text   Image   PDF
CC-T.3.1    Note:    1828--1831.04.26   Admissions 1815-1852   Text   Image
CC-T.17.A    Note:    1828--1929   [Christ's College, Cambridge] Residents Book 1828 - 1829   Text   Image   PDF
CC-OldLibraryFox1    Correspondence:   Darwin Charles Robert, Fox William Darwin  1828.06.12   Darwin Charles Robert, Fox William Darwin   Image
CC-T.9.5    Note:    1828.10.00--1831   [Christ's College] Study Rents Oct. 1828-June 1849   Text   Image   PDF
CC-T.1.2    Note:    1828.10.15   Admissions to Christ College   Text   Image
CC-T.1.4    Note:    1828.10.15   Admissions 1818-1828   Text   Image
CC-T.11.26    Note:    1829   [Christ's College] Tutors' Accounts 1820-1829   Text   Image   PDF
CC-T.11.27    Note:    1830--1832   [Christ's College, Cambridge] Students' Bills 1830 - 1835   Text   Image   PDF
CC-T.8.2    Note:    1831--1837   [Christ's College] Lecturer's Book Commencements 1831-1928 [Degree Fees]   Text   Image   PDF
CC-OldLibrary184a    Photo:    1855   Photograph of Charles Darwin by Maull and Polyblank for the Literary and Scientific Portrait Club   Image
CC-OldLibrary184b    Miscellaneous:    1872.03.21   cheque by Charles Darwin 'to self' (Union Bank of London) 1872.03.21.   Text   Image
CC-OldLibraryGG.1.25    Draft:    [1874--1875]   Utricularia [draft of Insectivorous plants p. 427]   Text   Image
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.30    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy 1844-1846 - N-Z
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.33    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy 1860-1865 - O
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.36    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy Letters 1852-1864 - Photocopies of FitzRoy's Letters to Dr Shaw et. al.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.39    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy Misc - HMS Beagle; Family letters; Career Outline Sheets
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.4-    Note:    Undated   America Land of Fires- Extracts from Tulimaan Jim by Soren Koustrup; Ross in the Arctic by M. J. Ross; Copies of correspondence between W. G. Tonkin (Hon Secretary of Walthamstow Antiquarian Society) and D. Stanbury
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.44    Note:    Undated   Beagle Log - Beagle Typed Materials
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.47    Note:    Undated   Beagle HMS library lists, catalogues etc
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.48    Note:    Undated   Beagle Artist Conrad Martin - Sketches done on HMS Beagle
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.50    Note:    Undated   P. P. King Journals 1826-1830 Journals of the Voyages of the Adventure and Beagle 1826-1830; Vol.2 P.P. King + Sketch ; Vol.3 Stokes, Graves, Skyring.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.53    Note:    Undated   Darwin & Sullivan
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.56    Note:    Undated   Islands - Falklands & Ascension Research Materials - FitzRoy - Darwin
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.59    Figure:    Undated   Conrad Martens Notebook 1835-1856; 1856-1878
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.61    Figure:    Undated   Portraits/Negatives/Duplicates Conrad Martens - P. G. King; Sulivan - J. L. Stokes; R. FitzRoy - Wickham's Wife; Island of storms (The Falklands)
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.64    Note:    Undated   MA Thesis - The Administration of Governor FitzRoy in New Zealand; Notes of R. FitzRoy's Letters to his Brother Charles and Sister Fanny; Notes on C Darwin & R FitzRoy
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.26    Note:    Undated   Bay of Islands 56 page account of Beagle at Bay of Islands in New Zealand on 21 December 1935 and an account of the later arrival of the self-styled Soveregn Chief Baron de Thierry to claim his territory. Description of new Zealand and its Maori inhabitants. The impact of missionaries such as the brothers Richard and Joseph Matthews and the troubles and disputes that arose between these and other white settlers. Account of canibalism experienced by Augustus Earle in a Maori village. Description of Charles Darwin's exploration of the local environment and of captain FitzRoy's intervention in squabbles between captains of various whaling ships and the government of the Islands.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.29    Note:    Undated   Isle of France Document detailing the seventeen day passage to the island of Mauritius and the time spent ashore on arrival. During the journey Darwin rewrote his geological notes and ideas and Captain FitzRoy wrote an account of the voyage. On arrival at Port Louis Syms Covington gives a detailed description of the town and Darwin visited various people. He and Covington explore inland climbing La Pouce - the rime of an ancient volcano. Darwin meets and stays with Captain Lloyd a Surveyor Genral and friend of Sir John Herschel. During a walk on the island Darwin experienced a ride on Captain Lloyd's elephant and was able to study the coral reefs during a calm sea boat trip.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.31    Note:    Undated   Atlantic Islands Document detailing the Beagle's stop at St Helena in July 1836 for surveying and restocking purposes. Account of Darwin's and Covington's stay on shore, their exploration of the island and visit to Napoleon's tomb. Arrival at Ascension Island on 19 July 1836 and account of letters received by Darwin. Details of trip inland made by Darwin and Covington's Details of the Beagle's return to Bahia in South America to correct readings made on the journey out from England. Darwin and Covington take advantage of this visit to make a return journey inland. Beagle departs for St Jago in the Cape Verde Islands calling at Pernambuco en route the on to Angra in the Azores where Darwin explored the local flora and fauna before departing for home on 24 september 1835.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.34    Note:    Undated   Other Beaglers Manuscript document detailing the subsequent careers of officers and other people on board the Beagle. These include - Robert McCormick who dismissed his time on the Beagle in a few sentences. Who in 1839, in the company of the botanist Joseph Hooker a life long friend of Darwin, made his first scientific trip to the Antartic as surgeon and zoologist returning again in 1852. Failing to obtain promotion on his return, he settled in Wimbledon publishing 2 volumes of memoirs at the age of 84. He died in 1890. In 1837 Benjamin Bynoe signed up as sugeon and naturalist on the Beagle's third voyage to the southern continents returning in 1843 after which he served as sugeon on convict ships. He returned home in 1859, retired in 1863 and died in 1865. The artist Augustus Earle returned to England in 1834 after many years in Australia and New Zealnd exhibiting some of his work at the Royal Academy in 1837. He died in 1838 but none of his Beagle sketches have survived. His successor Conrad Martin became an established artist in Sydney working up many of his sketches from the Beagle journey for which he had kept careful notes. . His customers included Darwin with whom he corresponded, FitzRoy and several officers from the Beagle. He exhibited in London and Paris and died in 1862. Thomas Burgess was the only member of the crew who left a record of his regard for Darwin in a series of letters written in 1875. Syms Covington remained in Darwin's service until 1839 when he emigrated to Australia taking with him a generous testimonial from Darwin. He settled in Sydney as a clerk marrying in 184. A series of letters written by Darwin to to Covington between 1843 and 1858 survive. He died in 1861. The Fuegians, York Minster and his wife Fuegia Basket had been on board the Beagle for nearly a year before they were returned to Woollya in 1843. York Minster died iin a fight but Fuegia Basket was heard of several times spending a night aborad sealing vessels in the area. She was last heard of in 1883 extremely frail living with her daughters. Jeremy Button reappears in 1852 when Captain Parker Snow on a missonary venture to Woollya gives an account of his meeting with him. By this time he had 2 wives and 3 children.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.37    Note:    Undated   Stanbury Bibliography Details of notes and quotes relating to the bibliography
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.6    Note:    Undated   Young Gentlemen Document detailing the accommodation, dress, duties and life of the 5 Midshipman on board the Beagle. They were Peter Benson Stewart, Arthur Mellersh, Alexander Derbyshire, Charles Muster and Philip Gidley King (son of Captain Philip King Commander of the Alexander and Beagle on the first surveying voyage to South America). Includes Robert FitzRoy's letter of 1837 written to Henry Hardinge detailing his own experience as a young gentleman at sea as advice for the young son of Sir Robert Peel.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.1.9-11    Printed:    Undated   West Coast Extracts from the Nautical Mag. Vol. 4 1835 ‘Loss of His Majesty's Frigate Challenger' A Diary of the Wreck of His Majesty's Ship Challenger, on the Coast of South America in May, 1835 Extracts from the Diary of an attempt to ascend the River Santa Cruz, in Patagonia, with the boats of his Majesty's sloop Beagle' by Cap. Robert FitzRoy
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.12    Note:    Undated   The Beagle's Peculiar Service 42-page typed document on the subject
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.15    Note:    Undated   Misc Papers- Mainly on New Zealand; Photocopy of the Atoll Research Bulletin No. 88 on Coral Islands by C. Darwin [Stoddart]; Booklet entitled ‘Coral Reefs: The Last Two Million Years' by D. R. Stoddart; A typed document entitled Bay of Islands" relating the Beagle's arrival in New Zealand; Various extracts from Adventure in New Zealand
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.18    Note:    Undated   Charles Darwin at Malham. Settle Caves. Papers for an article: W. R. Mitchell's ‘Walter Morrison: A Millionaire at Malham Tarn'; A photocopy of an extract from ‘The National Review on Walter Morrisson'; Extract from W. Boyd Dawkins' ‘Cave Hunting' (1874)
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.20    Note:    Undated   Old but Useful: Various letters mainly between C Darwin and R FitzRoy
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.23    Note:    Undated   Odd Letters
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.65    Note:    Undated   Ship's Logs Jan 1827 - Oct 1828; Ship's Log for HMS Thetis kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan for Jan 1827 - Oct 1828, 13 Oct 1828 - 14 Dec 1828; Ship's Log for HMS Beagle kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Commander FitzRoy 15 Dec 1828 - 11 Feb 1829; Ship's Log for HMS Ganges kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Captain Inglefield 12 Feb 1829 - 12 April 1829; Ship's Log for HMS Northstar kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Captain Arabin 13 April 1829 - 10 July 1829; Ship's Log for HMS Trinculo kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Commander Price 18 Aug 1829 - 21 Sept 1829; Ship's Log for HMS Undaunted kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Captain Clifford 23 Sept 1829 - 22 Nov 1829; Ship's Log for HMS St Vincent kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Captain Hawker 23 Nov 1829 - 30 Nov 1829
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.79    Note:    Undated   Stanbury File of Record Sheets
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.10    Note:    Undated   Philosopher Darwin Articles, photocopied material and mauscript notes on the life and education of Charles Darwin plus details of the Wedgewood Circle. Articles, letters and notes pertaining to his employment as naturalist on board the Beagle.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.13    Note:    Undated   Outward Bound 33 page typescript rough chapter; detailing the journey to South America via Tenerife and Cape Verde Islands. First details of Charles Darwin's extensive sea-sickness. Landing was refused at Tenerife due to cholera in England but with help of Dr R McCormick Darwin explored the Cape Verde Islands and made his first collections of land and marine life including details of a Baobab tree. Details of a visit to St Paul's Rock are followed by accounts of the ceremonies involved in 'crossing the line' at the equator. The coast of Brazil was sighted on 28 February 1832.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.16    Note:    Undated   Forts and Fossils Manuscript notes and photocopied articles connected with Charles Darwin's life aboard the Beagle in South America including:- items and dates from his journal; copy articles on 'Darwin and the Fossil Record' by A S Romer and 'Mr Lumb and Masters Megatherium: an unpublished letter by Charles Darwin from the Falklands' by J H Winslow; items from the hydrographer's letter book for 1832; copy letters from Charles Darwin to Susan Darwin from South America; reports to the Admiralty; notes on events aboard Beagle.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.19    Note:    Undated   Port Louis Murders Two versions of a document on the Port Louis Murders and a collection of handwirtten notes. The document describes the return visit of the Beagle to Falkland Islands in March 1834. Lieutenant Smith from HMS Tyne, acting Governor of the Falklands reports a catalogue of robbery, plunder and murder to Captain FitzRoy during his absence. Charles Darwin travels in land with the gauchos to look at wild horses and remarks on their varied colours of cattle. Body of Lieutenant Clive from HMS Challenger was buried following his accidental drowning.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.21    Note:    Undated   South Revisited Empty Folder
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.24    Note:    Undated   Enchanted Isles Photcopied extract on the Galapagos Islands from Charles Darwin's 'Voyage of HMS Beagle' detailing diary entries for his time spent on the Islands exploring the flora and fauna. Copies of letters from Charles Darwin to Professor J S Henslow - letter 41 written from Sydney in January 1836 and lettter 42 from St Helena dated 9 July 1836. Essay entitled 'A Little World Within Itself' by Gordon Chancellor on the historical background to his father's painting of the HMS Beagle with reference to Charlwes Darwin's scientific work. Notes on the visibility and position of Halley's Comet in 1835/1836 raising the question as to whether or not Darwin would have seen it while in the Pacific Ocean
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.75[.3]    Note:    Undated   Stanbury's (?) Handwritten Itemised notes for Chapter XIV
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.75[.32]    Printed:    Undated   Article on Women Maori & Pakeha of Old Kororareka March 1987 - Patricia Adams
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