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F2566    Periodical contribution:     Darwin, C. R. 1931. Letter purported to be to Karl Marx but in fact to E. B. Aveling, 13 October 1880.] Pod Znamenem Marxizma [Под зна́менем маркси́зма], no. 1-2: 203-04. [In Russian].   Text   PDF
F1541    Book:     Darwin, C. R. 1959. Autobiography [in Russian]. Translated by V. N. Sukachev. Edited by S. L. Sobol'. Moscow: Academy of Sciences U.S.S.R.   Text
F1922    Book:     Darwin, C. R. 1976. Journal of Researches. [in Russian]. Moscow, Mysl Publishing House, 3d ed.   Text
F763b    Book:     Darwin, C. R. 1991. The origin of species [in Russian]. Translation of the sixth edition (London, 1872) by K. A. Timiryazev, M. A. Menzbir, A. P. Pavlov and P. A. Petrovskii. Corrected and revised by A. D. Nekrasov, S. L. Sobol', A. L. Zelikman, Ya. M. Gall, A. L.Takhtadzhyan, Ya. I. Starobogatov and F. I. Krichevskaya. Edited by A. L. Takhtadzhyan. Prepared for publication by Ya. M. Gall. Saint Petersburg: Nauka.   Text
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