Christine Chua

Christine ChuaChristine Chua is an Associate editor with Darwin Online. She made her first contribution in December 2018 when she added over a hundred new references for Darwin publications in Chinese and corrected the original Chinese references in the Freeman Bibliographical Database where all known Darwin publications are recorded. She later contributed scans of Darwin's works in ten further languages, some from her own collection, and added many new foreign references to the Database.

In 2019 she transcribed the remaining 59 of Emma Darwin's 60 diaries and updated the 1839 diary. Subsequently she transcribed Emma Darwin's Recipe Book and her children's story 'The pound of sugar'. She has done further work on a wide variety of topics for Darwin Online and discovered hundreds of reviews and obituaries and conducted extensive research for the book Darwin. A Companion by Paul van Helvert and John van Wyhe. More recently, she has transcribed and annotated a substantial proportion of the Darwin Archive in Cambridge University Library for Darwin Online. She has also made substantial contributions to the important collections and many introductions, including:

She is co-author of Charles Darwin: Justice of the peace. The complete records (1857-1882). 2021. (,, Kindle, PDF)

An avid bird watcher and nature photographer, she lives in Singapore.


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