Huxley Testimonials

An introduction by R. B. Freeman

Thomas Henry Huxley, at the age of twenty six, was applying for the chair of Natural History at the University of Toronto. Darwin's letter, of five lines, occurs on page 4. In spite of excellent testimonials, Huxley did not get the post; it went to William Hincks, brother of Sir Francis Hincks, Prime Minister of Upper Canada.

The pamphlet appeared late in 1851. Huxley's letter of application, printed in it, is dated October 17th, and the copy in the Huxley archive at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, was authenticated in manuscript by Richard Taylor, the printer, on October 16th. For a general note on these printed testimonials see F324, Brayley Testimonials.


Darwin. 1851. [Testimonial]. In Testimonials for Thomas H. Huxley, F.R.S., candidate for the Chair of Natural History at the University of Toronto. London: Taylor, p. 4. Text F344


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