Memoir of Professor Henslow

An introduction by R. B. Freeman

Henslow was Professor of Botany at Cambridge when Darwin was at Christ's and they were personal friends—'the man who walked with Henslow'. Later, he looked after the Beagle material when it reached England, and the Letters on geology (F1) were addressed to him. Henslow himself had been invited to join the Beagle before Darwin was, as had Leonard Jenyns, the writer of this biography. There is only the one edition which must have remained in print for some time because the blue cloth case is much later than the original purple. Darwin's recollections only are reprinted in Lady Barlow's Darwin and Henslow (1967, pp. 221-224) in full, together with his further notes on his old friend which were printed in his Autobiography. A considerable portion of them is also printed in Romanes' obituary notice (Charles Darwin, pp. 7-10, Macmillan, London 1882) which had previously appeared in Nature; they also occur in Life and letters (Vol. I, pp. 186-188).

Darwin. 1862. [Recollections of Professor Henslow]. In Jenyns, L., Memoir of the Rev. John Stevens Henslow. London: Van Voorst, pp. 51-55. Text Image Text & image PDF F830


From: Freeman, R. B. 1977. The works of Charles Darwin: an annotated bibliographical handlist. 2d ed. Dawson: Folkstone.

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