More Letters

An introduction by R. B. Freeman

More letters vol. 1This collection contains almost entirely new matter although some extracts and a few whole letters are also found in Life and letters. It also contains a brief autobiographical piece (pp. 1-5) which is sometimes found in modern editions and translations of his main autobiography. There is only the one original printing, but Murray sold some sets of sheets to Watts, and it occurs in the original blue of Murray's case as well as in the brown of Watts'. There is no indication on the title page of this change and I have even seen a copy in Watts' case with Murray's dust wrappers. There is a New York reprint from stereos in the same year as the first English and a facsimile in 1972, but it does not seem to have been translated except for a recent Russian version of the autobiographical fragment and a description of Down House.

Darwin, F. and Seward, A. C. eds. 1903. More letters of Charles Darwin. A record of his work in a series of hitherto unpublished letters. London: John Murray.
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From: Freeman, R. B. 1977. The works of Charles Darwin: an annotated bibliographical handlist. 2d ed. Dawson: Folkstone.

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