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Unfortunately we have not been able to borrow copies of these works. If you can scan, copy or lend us one of these please contact Dr John van Wyhe Other works, not listed on this page, may also form part of this online edition in the future.

See the introduction to the Freeman bibliographical database, the most complete bibliographical list of Darwin publications ever published. here


Mawer, Walter. 1889. Truth for its own sake: the story of Charles Darwin, written for young people. Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London.

Dorsey, 1927. The evolution of Charles Darwin.

Anon. 1939. [Local people's recollections of Darwin.] Evening Standard (6 May).

Journal of Researches


F171. 1955 Prague, Miadá Fronta. 537 pp, Translated by Josef Wolf and Zorka Wolfova.


F216. (1954) Tokyo, Kawade Shobõ. 347 pp. Translated by Kenji Uchiyama. Sekai Tanken Kikõ Zenshü Vol. 6.


F226. 1870-71 St Petersburg, Cherkesov. 2 parts, xvi-277, 279-517 pp. Translated under the editorship of A. N. Beketov.


F249. 1902 Valencia, A. López, Prometeo. 2 vols. Translated by Constantino Piquer. Biblioteca Filosófica y Social.

F250. (1903) Valencia, F. Sempere y Co. 2 vols. Translated by Constantino Piquer.

Geology of The Voyage of The Beagle


F321. 1936 Moscow, Academy of Sciences U.S.S.R. Coral reefs only. pp. 285-448. Translated by L. S. Davitashvili & N. M. Kelevich. Annotated by L. S. Davitashvili & N. S. Shatskiï. Collected Works, Vol. 2.

F323. 1936 Moscow, Academy of Sciences U.S.S.R. Volcanic islands and South America only. pp. 449-562. Translated by V. G. Epifanov. Introduced and annotated by N. S. Shatskiï. Collected Works, Vol 2.


F634. 1903 Shanghai. Chapters 3 & 4 only, as separate booklets. The introduction had appeared in Xinmin congbao No. 8, May 22, 1902, pp. 9-18. Chapter 4 may also have been published in 1902 in Shaonian xin zhorigguo she, [?Shanghai]. All translated by Ma Chün-wu.


F641. 1914 Prague, I. L. Kobra for the translator. 388 pp. Translated by Frant. Klapálek.


F698. 1915 Athens, Georgios D. Phexes. 583 pp. Translated by K. Kazantzake. Library of Philosophy and Sociology.


F743. [?192-] Oporto, Livraria Chardron, de Lello y Irmão, xvi + 477 pp- Translated by Joaquim dá Mesquita Paúl. Biblioteca Racionalista.


F766. 1878 Belgrade, State Publishing House xxviii + 431 pp. Translated by Milan M. Radovanovich. D.


F797. 1936 Kharkov, State Medical Publishing House. 674 pp. Translated by V. V. Derzhavin. Edited and introduction by I. M. Molyakov.

Fertilisation of Orchids


F825. 1900 St Petersburg, O. N. Popov, vii + 136 pp. Translated by I. Petrovskiï. Collected Works Vol. 4, part 1.

Climbing Plants


F865. 1900 St Petersburg, O. N. Popov. 100 pp. Translated by I. Petrovskiï. Edited by K. A. Timiryazev. Collected Works Vol. 4, part 1.

Variation under Domestication


F925. 1867-1868 St Petersburg, F. S. Sushchinskiï. parts. Parts 1-4 1867, parts 5-6 1868, part 7 1869. Translated title On the origin of species. Section 1. The variation of animals and plants under domestication. The domestication of animals and the cultivation of plants. Translated by V. O. Kovalevskiï. Edited by I. M. Sechenov, the botanical parts by A. Gerd. Parts 1-4 at least represent the first publication of this work in any language, preceding No. 877.

The Descent of Man


F1084. 1884 Budapest, Academy of Sciences. 2 vols. Translated by Török Aurei and Entz Géza. Compared with the original and with a biography by Margó Tivador. Scientific Publications Nos. XXIII-XXIV.


F1104. [1910-1912] Oporto, Magalhæs y Moniz. 262 pp. Translated and abridged by Joao Corrêa d'Oliveira. Biblioteca do Educação Intellectual.


F1109. 1871-1872 St Petersburg, Cherkasov. 2 vols. Translated and edited by I. M. Sechanov.


F1124. [1902]. Valencia, J. Sempere. 213 pp. Translated by A. López White. Biblioteca Filosófica y Social.

The Expression of the Emotions


F1214. [c. 1902] Valencia, F. Sempere. 2 vols. Translated by Eusebio Heras. Biblioteca Filosófica y Social. vol. 2 needed.

Cross and Self Fertilisation


F1273. 1939 Moscow-Leningrad, Sel'khozgiz. 339 pp. Translated by V. A. Rybin and L. N. Kohanovskiï. Introduced and edited by V. L. Komarov.

Biographical Sketch of an Infant


F1314. 1877 Moscow, University of Moscow. 14 pp. Translated by V. [V. N. Benzengr]. Reprinted from Moscow Medical Journal. [Voenno-Meditsinskiń≠ Zhurnal?]

The Power of Movement in Plants

F1328. 1882 London, John Murray, third thousand. Preface altered.


F1341a. 1972. Translated by Lou Chang hou, edited and revised by Zhou Bang-li. Peking: Peking Science Press.


F1348. 1970. Translated by Eugen Margulius. [Bucharest]: National Academy.


F1349. 1882 Kiev, F. A. Johanson, University Press, vii + 443 pp. Translated by G. Miloradovich and A. Kobelyatskiï.

Vegetable Mould and Worms


F1408. 1882 Moscow, S. P. Arkhipov. vii + 204 pp. Translated by M. Lindeman.

Studies in the Theory of Descent


F1415. 1939 Moscow, Academy of Sciences U.S.S.R. p. 755. Darwin's notice only. Translated and with notes by S. L. Sobol'. Collected Works Vol. 3.

Essay on Instinct


F1447. 1907 Turin, Fratelli Bocca, xv + 423 pp. Translated by Giovanni Scocciano. Biblioteca di Scienze Moderna No. 31.


F1449. 1894 Journal of scientific Review, St Petersburg. 39 pp. Darwin's essay only. Translated by M. Filippov.

Life and Letters and Autobiography


F1522. 1919 Milan, Istituto Editoriale Italiano. 183 pp. Autobiography only. Raccoltadi Breviari Intellettuali No. 158.


F1524a. 1972 Tokyo, Chikuma shobô. 264 pp. Nora Barlow version of Autobiography only. Translated by Yasugi Ryûichi & Egami Fuyoko.


F1533. 1896 St Petersburg, A. Porokhovshchikov. 59 pp. Autobiography only. Translated by M. Filippov. Collected Works. Supplement to Nauchnoe Obozrenie Vol. 3.


F1544. 1902 Madrid, B. Rodriquez Serra. 188 pp. Autobiography only. Translated by Ciro Bayo. Colección de Autobiografías Celebres No. 2.


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