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Identifier: CUL-DAR73.147-148
Date: [Undated]
Name: Darwin Emma née Wedgwood amenuensis for Darwin Charles Robert
Attributed title: `Zoologist' 13-14 1855-1856
Description: Newman, E., 1855. South African honey-bee. Zoologist 13: 4675-4676 Stainton, H.T. 1855. Entomological botany, with more especial reference to the plants frequented by the Tineina. Zoologist 13: 4771-4777 Wallace, A.R. 1856. Observations on the zoology of Borneo. Zoologist 14: 5113-5117 Smith, Frederick 1856. On the manner in which Vespa rufa builds its nest. Zoologist 14: 5169-5174 Wallace, A.R. 1856. Accounts of the orang utan, from Annals and Magazine of Natural History 1856: 475. Zoologist 14: 5183-5185 Stainton, H.T., 1856. Attractiveness of Glyceria fluitans to moths. Zoologist 14: 5210 Edward, Thomas. 1856. A list of the birds of Banffshire, accompanied with anecdotes. Zoologist 14: 5258-5268
Document type: Abstract
Cross reference: [Marginalia vol.3]

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