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CUL-DAR186.10    Note:    [Undated]   Expression queries (answers summarised by subject): contempt   Image
CUL-DAR53.2.105    Note:    [Undated]   Whenever a new Edit of Expression wanted, I must look over the Reviews of me   Image
CUL-DAR87.84    Note:    [Undated]   [excised pages]   Image
CUL-DAR87.85    Note:    [Undated]   [excised pages]   Image
CUL-DAR87.83    Note:    [Undated]   [excised pages]   Image
CUL-DAR91.14    Abstract:    [Undated]   Archibald Alison, Essays on the nature and principles of taste. `Edinburgh Review' vol. 18, 1811: 1-45.   Text   Image
EH88203196    Note:    1840--1880   Experiments & Observations. Expression of the emotions.
UVa-Darwin-Evolution-3314-1.49    Printed:    1867   Queries about Expression compiled by Charles Darwin, [1867]. ANsS, 4 pp. on 1 l. A series of numbered queries about a variety of facial and bodily expressions, containing entries on astonishment, shame, excitement, sneering, contempt, head nodding, and others. Mentions that observations of natives who had had little contact with Europeans would be most valuable. Darwin also claims that general remarks on expression are of comparatively little value, and that memory is so deceptive in subjects like these that he hopes it may not be trusted to.
CUL-DAR96.1    Draft:    [1867][.03.31.before]   'Queries about expression'
UVa-Darwin-Evolution-3314-1.47    Correspondence:   Darwin Charles Robert, Sclater Philip Lutley  1867.02.27   Ch[arles]Darwin to [James Philip Mansel Weale?], [1867?] February 27. ALS, 2 pp. on 1 l. Concerning distributing Darwin's queries on human expression.
UVa-Darwin-Evolution-3314-1.48    Correspondence:   Darwin Charles Robert, Sclater Philip Lutley  1867.08.27   Charles Darwin to F. [sic] P[hilip] Mansel Weale [1867], August 27. ALS, 4 pp. on 1 l.; with envelope, postmarked. Concerning plants native to the Cape of Good Hope; observations on human expression by a brother of a Kaffir chief. Thanks Weale for information about children pouting and claims that this expression is also found among Indian children. Disagrees with the French who claim there is "a grief muscle," and describes the muscles of the face involved in frowning. He also thanks him for a specimen of locust dung, and mentions experimenting on the dung for seeds.
UVa-Darwin-Evolution-3314-1.50    Correspondence:   Darwin Charles Robert, Sclater Philip Lutley  1868.01.23   Ch[arles] Darwin to J.P. Mansel Weale, [1868] January 23. ALS, 4 pp. on 1 l.; with envelope; postmarked London 1868 February 7. Congratulates Weale on his marriage, and claims there is "great charm in a settler's life." Darwin also suggests that were Weale to remain in England, he could assume the botanical chair at Oxford. Mentions information on human expression, and laments the lack of "progress of civilization in South Africa." Mentions a photograph of a Bushwoman from Huxley. Discourages Weale's continued work on glacial activity in the southern hemisphere.
CUL-DAR57.41r    Note:    [Undated]   [of 'Expression'] Ch 5 [p] 31   Image
CUL-DAR57.74r    Note:    [Undated]   [of 'Expression'?] ch 5 [p] 28   Image
CUL-DAR57.7r    Draft:    [Undated]   [of `Expression'] [pp unknown]
CUL-DAR56.65r    Note:    [Undated]   [of 'Expression'] ch 6 [p] 6   Image
CUL-DAR55.110r    Note:    [Undated]   [of 'Expression'?] [bottom half of page only]   Image
CUL-DAR59.1.54r    Note:    [Undated]   [of 'Expression'?] [bottom righthand quarter of page only]   Image
CUL-DAR57.6r    Draft:    [Undated]   [of `Expression'] [pp unknown]
CUL-DAR57.86r    Note:    [Undated]   [of 'Expression'] ch 4 p. 47 later numbered 173   Image
CUL-DAR53.2.106    Note:    1873.04.27   From R[eview?] in Edinburgh [Review], perhaps I ought to add after when I   Image
CUL-DAR105.A77    Note:    1873.11.07   In the Galton-Butler case of Inheritance [correction of misprint]
CUL-DAR53.2.102    Note:    1875.12.00   If ever I write a new Edit of Expression, I ought perhaps to read Bain's   Image
CUL-DAR210.11.13    Note:    [1878.06.00.after]   memo: Accounts re 'Insectivorous plants', 'Fertilisation', 'Climbing plants', 'Expression', 'Variation', 'Origin', and Müller J.F.T 'Facts for Darwin' from 1876 to June 1878
CUL-DAR210.11.15    Note:    [1879.06.00.after]   memo: John Murray Accounts re Müller J.F.T 'Facts for Darwin', 'Fertilisation', 'Origin', 'Descent', 'Climbing plants', 'Orchids', 'Variation', 'Expression'; and general account June 1878 to June 1879
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