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This page lists the distinguishing features of Darwin Online - the largest ever publication on the great English naturalist and author of the Origin of species Charles Darwin (1809-1882). Charles Darwin

The first complete collection of all Darwin's publications. Many have never been reproduced and almost all appear online for the first time. The site includes over 40,000 pages of searchable text and 130,000 images. See Publications. Darwin's shorter publications are fully edited here for the first time.

Each text is absolutely complete, nothing is omitted (as so often with online texts). The digitizations on Darwin Online begin with the spine of the book and include every page without exception, including end pages and publishers' advertizements. It's as close to holding the book in one's hand as the internet can be.

The site is fully searchable. Searches can be limited by name, date, title and so forth. Search

Both the fully formatted electronic text and images of the original document are provided. They can be viewed side-by-side. Example. Darwin's works are also provided in PDF format for downloading and printing.

Many never before published transcriptions of Darwin's handwritten manuscripts, such as the field notebook used on the Galapagos islands or his Beagle animal notes. Darwin Online contains more Darwin manuscripts than have ever been available before to the public. Click here.

The most comprehensive bibliography of works written by Darwin ever published. Search page for the bibliography. See also the separate bibliography of works cited on Darwin Online which is also the first ever bibliography of the works cited in Darwin's shorter publications.

The largest catalogue of Darwin's many handwritten manuscripts and private papers ever assembled. Search page for the manuscript catalogue.

Translations. Darwin's works are also available in Danish, German, Norwegian and Russian. More languages forthcoming. See Publications.

Many of the books are signed by Darwin or belonged to his family: Origin, Life of Erasmus Darwin, Coral reefs, Variation or Flowers.

Illustrations in Darwin Online - a collection of overviews of over 1000 diagrams, maps and photographs.

Added value: works by others which are particularly relevant to studying and understanding Darwin and his context are also provided, such as contemporary reviews of his books or obituaries and recollections of Darwin. Darwin Online also contains the most complete list ever published of scientific descriptions of Darwin's Beagle specimens by other scientists. See Supplementary Works.

Page counters on every page. Every document in Darwin Online displays its own hit counter, allowing one to see how often each has been accessed.

It's completely free of charge!

A virtual bookshelf of the works of Charles Darwin. Clicking each book will open it.

Zoology of the Beagle 1838-1843Voyage of the Beagle, 1st edition 1839Coral reefsVolcanic islandsVoyage of the Beagle 2nd ed.Barnacles vol. 1Barnacles vol. 2Origin 1st ed.Origin 2nd ed.Voyage of the Beagle 1860Origin 3rd ed.OrchidsOrigin 4th ed.Variation vol. 1Variation vol. 2Origin 5th ed.Descent vol. 1 1871Descent vol. 2 1871ExpressionUnsectivorousGeology of South America 2nd ed.Fertilisation of OrchidsForms of flowersLife of Erasmus DarwinPower of movement in plantsVegetable mould and wormsClimbing plants 2nd ed.Geology of the Beagle 1890Voyage of the Beagle, 1890


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