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Support is welcome from foundations, institutions and individuals. Darwin Online is educational and non-profit.

Help us keep Darwin's work online, for free, for everyone!

With further funding Darwin Online can expand in exciting directions:

To assemble a complete collection of every edition and variation of Darwin's published works in English and translations in 30 languages in both electronic text and scanned image forms.

High-resolution colour scanning of Darwin's manuscripts.

Transcription of Darwin's heretofore untranscribed manuscripts- making the full extant corpus of Charles Darwin electronically searchable.

Editorial matter: more informative footnotes, introductions, interlinking, coding of the documents, translation of non-English passages.

Assemble and digitize all contemporary reviews of Darwin's works, in all languages.

Identify, assemble and provide online all of the works cited or referred to in Darwin's works.

You can also help by scanning or lending books or sending photocopies: See our list of works still needed. We welcome 19th century publications discussing Darwin and Darwinism - as well as secondary literature.

To find out how you can help contact the Director, Dr John van Wyhe.


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