Darwin and religion

Darwin Online contains a vast amount of material on Darwin's views on religion and similar topics. Here are some of the principal items.

Darwin, C. R. "Religious belief" in his Autobiography.

Darwin, C. R. [1827.] [Notes on reading Sumner's Evidence of Christianity]. Text & image

Darwin, C. R. ‘Essay on Theology and Natural Selection’ (DAR 71)

[Emma Darwin's memo about Darwin's religious doubts] (1839) Text & image

Darwin, C. R. 1882. Mr. Darwin and revelation. Pall Mall Gazette (23 September): 2. Text

Darwin, C. R. Reminiscence of Anne Elizabeth Darwin. (1851) Text & image

Francis Darwin on his father's religious views: Life and Letters (1887)

Darwin, Francis. 'Reminiscences of My Father's Everyday Life'. Transcribed by Robert Brown. Text

Material concerning Darwin's religion (DAR 139.12)

Darwin family press cuttings on Darwin & religion (DAR 140.1)

Darwin, William Erasmus & Francis Darwin et al on publishing the religious part of the Autobiography

Litchfield, Henrietta. 'Sketches for a biography'. Text

Darwin, C. R. 1871. A letter from Mr. Darwin. The Index, a weekly paper devoted to free religion. Text PDF

Darwin, C. R. 1881. [Letter to G. E. Mengozzi on design in nature]. Roma Etrusca. Text

Darwin, C. R. 1882. [Letter to N. A. von Mengden 'Science has nothing to do with Christ']. In Haeckel, Die Naturanschauung von Darwin, Goethe und Lamarck. Text

Anon. 1882. Darwin's religion. The Narracoorte Herald (15 December): 3. Text

Litchfield, H. E. (Darwin's daughter) 1873. [Recollections on Darwin becoming a parson]. Text

Litchfield, H. E. [Recollections of Darwin's Religious opinions]. Text

Litchfield, Henrietta. 'Sketches for a biography'. Text

Darwin, G. H.? It was curious that Dr D[arwin] being a freethinker my father should have been so orthodoxly brought up. Text & image

Darwin, W. 1883. [Recollections of Charles Darwin]. Text

Innes, J. Brodie. [Recollections of Darwin]. Text

Innes, J. Brodie. [Recollections of Darwin.] Text

Conway, M. D. [1867]. [Recollection of Darwin]. Text

Lane, Edward. 1882. [Recollection of Darwin]. Text

Hesse-Wartegg, E. von. 1880. Bei Charles Darwin [At Charles Darwin's]. Frankfurter Zeitung. [English translation.] Text

Aveling, E. B. 1883. The religious views of Charles Darwin. Text

Büchner, L. 1901. [Darwin's religious views]. Last Words on Materialism. Text

Foote, G. W. 1889. Darwin on God. Text PDF

Gray, Asa. 1861. Natural Selection not inconsistent with Natural Theology.  Text

Smalley, G. W. 1891. [Recollection of Darwin's funeral]. Text

Anon. 1909. A visit to Darwin's village: reminiscences of some of his humble friends. Evening News. Text

Tennyson, H. 1897. [Recollection of Tennyson and Darwin on Christianity.] Alfred Lord Tennyson: a memoir. Text F2171

See also:

John van Wyhe, Darwin's funeral.

Freeman's Companion: Darwin's religion. Enlarged here: Paul van Helvert & John van Wyhe, Darwin: A Companion (2021).

John van Wyhe & Mark Pallen, 2012. The Annie Darwin hypothesis: Did the death of his daughter cause Darwin to "give up Christianity"? Centaurus 54.

John van Wyhe, 2011. Was Charles Darwin an atheist? The public domain review.

John van Wyhe, 2009. Darwin vs God. BBC History Magazine. Text PDF


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