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CC-OldLibrary-STAN1    Miscellaneous:    Undated   Proposed Stanbury book: 37 Chapter titles dealing with the personnel, ship details and work of the Beagle voyages with particular reference to Charles Darwin's voyage of December 1831 to October 1836."
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.1    Note:    Undated   General Introduction "Synopsis of planned book divided into 3 parts entitled Prelude, Voyage and Conclusion. Includes a list of illustrations associated with each chapter. Article entitled 'Charles Darwin Sails Again' written by David Stanbury."
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.10    Note:    Undated   Philosopher Darwin Articles, photocopied material and mauscript notes on the life and education of Charles Darwin plus details of the Wedgewood Circle. Articles, letters and notes pertaining to his employment as naturalist on board the Beagle.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.11    Note:    Undated   Fitting Out 33 page typescript; diary account of the six months it took to prepare the Beagle for sailing including repairs, alterations, stores and provisions. It includes accounts of Charles Darwin's visits to the ship in letters to his sister Caroline, the delayed departures due to weather and the final luncheon ashore on 27 December 1831.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.12    Note:    Undated   Forest of Delights 41 page typescript account of the Beagle's arrival and docking at Rio de Janeiro Harbour and the distribution of the first mail after 3 months. Also a description of Augustus Earle's and Charles Darwin's visit to Rio de Janeiro and Botofogo Bay and Charles Darwin's first inland expedition to Mr Patrick Lennon's estate from 7-23 April 1832 in which he describes the topography, flora and fauna. Account of Robert FitzRoy's disimissal of unsatisfactory crew members during the Beagle's refit and Charles Darwin's visits to Admiral Sir Thomas Baker's ship. Details of the Beagle's return to Rio via Bahia with the death of 3 crew members from fever .
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.13    Note:    Undated   Outward Bound 33 page typescript rough chapter; detailing the journey to South America via Tenerife and Cape Verde Islands. First details of Charles Darwin's extensive sea-sickness. Landing was refused at Tenerife due to cholera in England but with help of Dr R McCormick Darwin explored the Cape Verde Islands and made his first collections of land and marine life including details of a Baobab tree. Details of a visit to St Paul's Rock are followed by accounts of the ceremonies involved in 'crossing the line' at the equator. The coast of Brazil was sighted on 28 February 1832.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.14    Note:    Undated   New Worlds Document detailing Beagle's surveying activities along the coast of South America and Charles Darwin's first experience of the tropical forest at Bahia. Description of Robert FitzRoy's grand dinner on board the Beagle and the heated discussion on salvery. Charles Darwin makes an excursion to look at geological features, local flora and fauna during surveys of the coastline at Abrolhos Bank, San Salvadore and Bahia. As the Beagle approaches Rio several crew members describe the wreck of the frigate Thetis and her cargo of 900,000 dollars at Cape Frio.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.15    Note:    Undated   Patagonian Pampas Series of notes and photocopied articles and letters including biographical details of William Kent and Conrad Martin plus his drawn portrait; copy letters to Captain Beaufort re death of Commander Skyring; to Charles Darwin's sister Caroline from Darwin in the Falkland Islands; to Captain Beaufort fromRobert FitzRoy aboard the Beagle. Copy of David Stanbury's article 'Darwin as a Traveller' from the Geographical Journal for June 1960. All of which appear to have little relation to the title
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.16    Note:    Undated   Forts and Fossils Manuscript notes and photocopied articles connected with Charles Darwin's life aboard the Beagle in South America including:- items and dates from his journal; copy articles on 'Darwin and the Fossil Record' by A S Romer and 'Mr Lumb and Masters Megatherium: an unpublished letter by Charles Darwin from the Falklands' by J H Winslow; items from the hydrographer's letter book for 1832; copy letters from Charles Darwin to Susan Darwin from South America; reports to the Admiralty; notes on events aboard Beagle.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.17    Note:    Undated   Islands of storms 2 copies of 31 page document narrating the disputed ownership of the Falkland Islands between Buenos Ayres, United States and Britain. Request to Captain FitzRoy from Monsieur Dilly, captain of a wrecked French whale boat for assistance. Details of Robert FitzRoy's and Charles Darwin's observations on the local flora and fauna and the death of Captain's clerk Mr Hellier while out hunting for specimens. Robert FitzRoy's purchase of the schooner Unicorn from the sealer Captain Low for use as a tender to the Beagle renamed the New Adventurer and its departure for Rio Negro under Mr Chaffers
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.18    Note:    Undated   River Expedition Document detailing Beagle's anchorage in the Santa Cruz river on 13 April 1834 for repairs and the expedition up river to seek its source in the Andes. Expedition led by Charles Darwin and Captain Robert FitzRoy taking three light boats and a crew of 18 up river to survey the course of the river and explore the hinterland. Charles Darwin and Robert FitzRoy discuss the geology of the river and its likely origin. Charles Darwin notes the existence of Condors and Guanaco. Began return journey three weeks later arriving back at the Beagle on 7 May 1834. Sailed through Straits of Magellan on 12 May 1834 stopping at Port Famine and picking up two castaways from Elizabeth Island en route. Met up with the Adventure at Port Desire where Conrad Martens recorded the first view of Mount Sarmiento. Robert Fiztroy's and Charles Darwin's cccounts of the wild scenery and the journey north up the west coast of South America to San Carlos in Chiloe and on to Valparaiso arriving 22 July 1834.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.19    Note:    Undated   Port Louis Murders Two versions of a document on the Port Louis Murders and a collection of handwirtten notes. The document describes the return visit of the Beagle to Falkland Islands in March 1834. Lieutenant Smith from HMS Tyne, acting Governor of the Falklands reports a catalogue of robbery, plunder and murder to Captain FitzRoy during his absence. Charles Darwin travels in land with the gauchos to look at wild horses and remarks on their varied colours of cattle. Body of Lieutenant Clive from HMS Challenger was buried following his accidental drowning.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.2    Note:    Undated   Peculiar Service 24 page document on the objective of the Beagle voyage including information on John Barrow of the Admiralty and Francis Beaufort
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.20    Note:    Undated   Island of the West Collection of typed-up letters, handwritten and phtocopied notes. Letters from Robert FitzRoy at Valparaiso to Captain Beaufor dated 14 August, 26 and 28 September and 11 November all of 1834 concerning the Straits of Magellan charts, refitting the Beagle , surveying the coast of Chile, Conrad Marten's work ashore; the sale of the Schooner 'Adventure' and and FitzRoy's unhappiness with the subsequent overcrowding and pressure of work. Letter from Charles Darwin at St Iago to Robert FitzRoy dated Thursday 1834 detailing his trip inland to Quellopa and the copper mines beyond Aconcagua. Handwritten notes on J H Dring who was transferred from HMS Blonde to the Beagle as acting pursuer on the death of George Rowlet. Notes on Moritz Rugendas a German artist. Photocopied extracts on HM Beagle's Yawl dated San Carlos 6 January 1835.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.21    Note:    Undated   South Revisited Empty Folder
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.22    Note:    Undated   Earthquake Series of photocopied articles, extracts and letters. Extract from an article entitled 'Patagonia, Windswept Land of the South' by Roger Perry published by Dodd, Mead & Compnay, New York describing the geography, flora, fauna and earthquake of the area. Extract from unknown author and unidentified article describing his experience aboard a ship in the Pacific. Extract from the Nautical Magazine Volume 5 entitled 'An Account of the Late Earthquake in Chile' by an Officer of HMS Beagle. Typed copies of 3 letters from Commodore Francis Mason aboard HMS Blonde to Francis Beaufort at the Admiralty referring to Captain FitzRoy and his surveys of South America.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.23    Note:    Undated   Shipwreck 33 page account of the wreck of HMS Challenger. Robert FitzRoy pilots HMS Blonde to the bay of Conception off Talcahuano while the Beagle travelled north to Callao to prepare for her crossing of the Pacific. FitzRoy rides inland to find the wreck of the Challenger to inspect the damaged crew and frigate and returns to HMS Blonde to organise a rescue party. . Details of the failed attempts by Captain Seymour to save the Challenger which was driven onto offshore rocks, builing of a camp on shore and the rescue and protection of stores. Rescuers and stricken sailors reached Valparaiso on 13 July 1835. Captain Syemour was court marshalled for his loss of the ship but at his trial Robert FitzRoy pointed out that new paaterns of ocean currents had arisen since the earthquake giving rise to much navigational confusion. Captain Seymour was aquitted. The Beagle meanwhile had collected Charles Darwin at Copiapo
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.24    Note:    Undated   Enchanted Isles Photcopied extract on the Galapagos Islands from Charles Darwin's 'Voyage of HMS Beagle' detailing diary entries for his time spent on the Islands exploring the flora and fauna. Copies of letters from Charles Darwin to Professor J S Henslow — letter 41 written from Sydney in January 1836 and lettter 42 from St Helena dated 9 July 1836. Essay entitled 'A Little World Within Itself' by Gordon Chancellor on the historical background to his father's painting of the HMS Beagle with reference to Charlwes Darwin's scientific work. Notes on the visibility and position of Halley's Comet in 1835/1836 raising the question as to whether or not Darwin would have seen it while in the Pacific Ocean
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.25    Note:    Undated   Paradise Lost Document detailing the time spent by the Beagle and her crew in Tahiti. Description of the Island as the Beagle approached its mooring at Matavi Bay. Account of Charles Darwin's impressions of the geography and people of the island and of Captain FitzRoy's visit to Papeete and his unhappy meeting with the eccentric Baron de Thierry. Discussions between Queen Pomare and Captain FitzRoy over compensation for the wrecking of ship's cargo in 1831 by some islanders and her subequent visit to the Beagle before its departure to New Zealand.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.26    Note:    Undated   Bay of Islands 56 page account of Beagle at Bay of Islands in New Zealand on 21 December 1935 and an account of the later arrival of the self-styled Soveregn Chief Baron de Thierry to claim his territory. Description of new Zealand and its Maori inhabitants. The impact of missionaries such as the brothers Richard and Joseph Matthews and the troubles and disputes that arose between these and other white settlers. Account of canibalism experienced by Augustus Earle in a Maori village. Description of Charles Darwin's exploration of the local environment and of captain FitzRoy's intervention in squabbles between captains of various whaling ships and the government of the Islands.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.27    Note:    Undated   Bay of Islands 2 (Convict Colonies) Document describing the Beagle's arrival in Port Jackson and life in Sydney in January 1836, its impact on Charles Darwin and various crew members. Meeting with Conrad Martens now living in Sydney and Darwin's purchase of some paintings. Darwin's account of his exploration of neighbouring countryside with Syms Covington,mand their meeting with Captain King. Extracts of letters written between Robert FitzRoy and Captain King and between Captain King and Francis Beaufort. Details of a visit to Hobart in Tasmania and Darwin's visits inland. Journey on to King George's Sound on the west coast and description of an aboriginal 'Corobbery'. Departure across the Indian Ocean for the Keeling Islands in March 1836. Artilce entitled "Darwin's Days" from The Indian Ocean Review Volume 1 March 1988 giving an acocunt of Darwin's visit to Western Australia.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.28    Note:    Undated   Coral Atoll Document giving an account of the Beagle's visit to the Keeling Islands, its survey and repairs to the Beagle. Description of Darwin's exploration of the Island's natural history and his theory of their origin. The story of the Island's settlement by Captain John Clunies Ross and Mr Hare's harem and Mr Ross' subsequent writings and his criticisms of Robert FitzRoy and Charles Darwin. Manuscript page of notes on the Keeling Islands.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.29    Note:    Undated   Isle of France Document detailing the seventeen day passage to the island of Mauritius and the time spent ashore on arrival. During the journey Darwin rewrote his geological notes and ideas and Captain FitzRoy wrote an account of the voyage. On arrival at Port Louis Syms Covington gives a detailed description of the town and Darwin visited various people. He and Covington explore inland climbing La Pouce — the rime of an ancient volcano. Darwin meets and stays with Captain Lloyd a Surveyor Genral and friend of Sir John Herschel. During a walk on the island Darwin experienced a ride on Captain Lloyd's elephant and was able to study the coral reefs during a calm sea boat trip.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.3    Note:    Undated   Captain Robert FitzRoy Document on biographical details of Robert FitzRoy's naval and political career (1805-1865). Includes quotes from many who served under him together with details of his family and private fortune with details from letters to his sister.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.30    Note:    Undated   Cape Observations This document describes the voyage from Mauritius to Cape Town arriving there on 31 May 1836 and comments on Darwin's continuing sea-sickness. Details of family letters Darwin received there. . Description of the scientifc work carried out with the help of Thomas Maclear, the resident Astronomer Royal at Cape Good Hope and contemporary entries in his wife's diary. Details of Darwin's meeting with Dr Andrew Smith, founder of the South African Museum in 1825, and their discussions on the geology and natural hsitory of the area. And of Darwin's expedition inland. An account of John Frederick Herschel and his observatory at Cape Town, his meeting with and influence on Darwin and FitzRoy. Accounts of letters FitzRoy wrote to Sir John and Lady Herschel during the Beagle's journey north after leaving Cape Town 18 June 1836.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.31    Note:    Undated   Atlantic Islands Document detailing the Beagle's stop at St Helena in July 1836 for surveying and restocking purposes. Account of Darwin's and Covington's stay on shore, their exploration of the island and visit to Napoleon's tomb. Arrival at Ascension Island on 19 July 1836 and account of letters received by Darwin. Details of trip inland made by Darwin and Covington's Details of the Beagle's return to Bahia in South America to correct readings made on the journey out from England. Darwin and Covington take advantage of this visit to make a return journey inland. Beagle departs for St Jago in the Cape Verde Islands calling at Pernambuco en route the on to Angra in the Azores where Darwin explored the local flora and fauna before departing for home on 24 september 1835.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.32    Note:    Undated   Safe Home Document detailing the Beagle's arrival in Falmouth on 2 October 1836 and Darwin's immediate departure by mail coach for Shrewsbury carrying correspondence from Fiztroy to his sister and Francis Beaufort. Details of FitzRoy's visit to Robert Fox and his daughter at Falmouth and subesquent visit to the Admiralty. Account of the Beagle's departure for Woolwich complete with all and of correspondence between Darwin at Shrewsbury and FitzRoy on board commenting on the voyage. Details of FitzRoy's marriage to Mary O'Brian at Stonehouse on 8 December 1836 from correspondence between Darwin's sisters. Account of the Beagle's journey up the Thames anchoring at Greenwich on 28 October 1836 where Darwin returned to unload his specimens. Details of the crew's paying off and an offical acount of the Beagle's voyage of 5 years and 136 days in the Naval Chronicle.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.33    Note:    Undated   Watch Vessels Document describing Captain Stokes' farewell to the Beagle after her third surveying voyage on 18 October 1843. Account of her subsequent use as a Coastguard Service Watch vessel and mistaken report of her use at a Japanese instruction depot.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.34    Note:    Undated   Other Beaglers Manuscript document detailing the subsequent careers of officers and other people on board the Beagle. These include — Robert McCormick who dismissed his time on the Beagle in a few sentences. Who in 1839, in the company of the botanist Joseph Hooker a life long friend of Darwin, made his first scientific trip to the Antartic as surgeon and zoologist returning again in 1852. Failing to obtain promotion on his return, he settled in Wimbledon publishing 2 volumes of memoirs at the age of 84. He died in 1890. In 1837 Benjamin Bynoe signed up as sugeon and naturalist on the Beagle's third voyage to the southern continents returning in 1843 after which he served as sugeon on convict ships. He returned home in 1859, retired in 1863 and died in 1865. The artist Augustus Earle returned to England in 1834 after many years in Australia and New Zealnd exhibiting some of his work at the Royal Academy in 1837. He died in 1838 but none of his Beagle sketches have survived. His successor Conrad Martin became an established artist in Sydney working up many of his sketches from the Beagle journey for which he had kept careful notes. . His customers included Darwin with whom he corresponded, FitzRoy and several officers from the Beagle. He exhibited in London and Paris and died in 1862. Thomas Burgess was the only member of the crew who left a record of his regard for Darwin in a series of letters written in 1875. Syms Covington remained in Darwin's service until 1839 when he emigrated to Australia taking with him a generous testimonial from Darwin. He settled in Sydney as a clerk marrying in 184. A series of letters written by Darwin to to Covington between 1843 and 1858 survive. He died in 1861. The Fuegians, York Minster and his wife Fuegia Basket had been on board the Beagle for nearly a year before they were returned to Woollya in 1843. York Minster died iin a fight but Fuegia Basket was heard of several times spending a night aborad sealing vessels in the area. She was last heard of in 1883 extremely frail living with her daughters. Jeremy Button reappears in 1852 when Captain Parker Snow on a missonary venture to Woollya gives an account of his meeting with him. By this time he had 2 wives and 3 children.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.35    Note:    Undated   Third Voyage Manuscript document giving an account of the Beagle's next surveying voyage in 1837 to South America and beyond under Commander John Wickham through the words of surveyor, John Lort Stokes, surgeon, Benjamin Bynoe and Master, Alexander Usborne. The account includes correspondence and diary entries and reflects on the importance of FitzRoy as an excellent Captain and Darwin's influence on his shipmates and the way they viewed the world around them.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.36    Note:    Undated   Storm Warning Documents, artilcea nd letters detailing Captain FitzRoy's career after his return from the Beagle voyage in 1839. Document detailing his life as an Tory MP for Durham and his fierce argument with William Sheppard his coalition partner during the election campaign. He remained an MP untll he sailed for New Zealand in 1843 as the new Governor. Series of photocopied notes on FitzRoy's appointment as Governor of new Zealand. Photocopy of his citatio of appointment by the Queen's Council in April1843. Extract from an article entitled 'Scientist and the Sea 1650-1900' — a study of marine science by Margaret Deacon, Academic press 1971. Document detailing the events surrounding Robert FitzRoy's tragic suicide on 6 May 1865 and Darwin's comments upon it. Phtocopied letters written by Darwin to James sullivan and joseph Hooker on FitzRoy's death.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.37    Note:    Undated   Stanbury Bibliography Details of notes and quotes relating to the bibliography
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.4    Note:    Undated   Officers & Gentlemen Chapter includes details of problems facing naval officer in getting suitable appointments at sea. Details of the types of officer on board the Beagle their dress, duties and instructions. Short early histories of Lieutenants John Wickham and James Sulivan, Surveyor Lort Stokes, Master Edward Chaffers, ship's Surgeon and naturalist Robert McCormick, assistant surgeon Benjamin Bynoe and Purser George Rowlett
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.5    Note:    Undated   Old Shipmates 60 page typescript Career and biographical details of the Beagle Officers including J C Wickham, B J Sulivan, J L Stokes, E M Chaffers, R Hammond, C Forsyth, C R Johnson, P B Stewart, P G King and A Mellersh
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.6    Note:    Undated   Young Gentlemen Document detailing the accommodation, dress, duties and life of the 5 Midshipman on board the Beagle. They were Peter Benson Stewart, Arthur Mellersh, Alexander Derbyshire, Charles Muster and Philip Gidley King (son of Captain Philip King Commander of the Alexander and Beagle on the first surveying voyage to South America). Includes Robert FitzRoy's letter of 1837 written to Henry Hardinge detailing his own experience as a young gentleman at sea as advice for the young son of Sir Robert Peel.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.7    Note:    Undated   The Ship Extensive document including suitability of 10-gun brigs in general for surveying and a detailed description of the Beagle — its fittings and accommodation — and the cramped conditions in which Charles Darwin was to live and work on board as they set sail in December 1831. It includes Robert FitzRoy's advice about "Useful things to take on a boat expedition" and notes on ship's duties and a list of stores.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.8    Note:    Undated   Old Salts Document detailing the story of Robert FitzRoy's hand picked crew for the Beagle and the difficulty of retaining a full complement of men. It includes an outline of the posts and duties of warrant officers — bosun, carpenter and his team, armourer or blacksmith etc together with details of the technical staff — cooper, sailmaker, ropemaker, cooks and stewards etc. and a small group of voluntary marines. It describes their daily routine on board and the conditions in which they worked, fed and slept.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN1.9    Note:    Undated   Victuals Only Document detailing Robert FitzRoy's extra personnel such as the artist Augustus Earle, Charles Darwin as naturalist and an instrument technician, plus the 3 Fuegians and missionary returning to Tierra Del Fuego. There is a detailed account of Augustus Earle's flamboyant career and travels round the world plus his letters to Mrs Ward and her daughters; information on the four Fuegian's captured on the first voyage, their stay in England at Robert FitzRoy's expense and his difficulties in trying to repatriate them. Short accounts of other personnel such as George James Stebbing the technical assistant and Syms Covington, a member of the crew who was Charles Darwin's servant.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.1.9-11    Printed:    Undated   West Coast Extracts from the Nautical Mag. Vol. 4 1835 'Loss of His Majesty's Frigate Challenger' A Diary of the Wreck of His Majesty's Ship Challenger, on the Coast of South America in May, 1835 Extracts from the Diary of an attempt to ascend the River Santa Cruz, in Patagonia, with the boats of his Majesty's sloop Beagle' by Cap. Robert FitzRoy
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.10    Printed:    Undated   Old Shipmates Extracts: 'Charles Darwin: 1809- 1882: A Reader's Guide' by Douglas A. Bassett; 'FitzRoy of the Beagle: The New Beginning and the Bitter End'
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.11    Printed:    Undated   3rd Voyage Extracts: 'The Life and Times of Sir George Grey' by William Rees and Lily Rees; The Helpman Journals: Comments on the Manuscript journals of Benjamin Francis Helpman of H.M. Sloop Beagle 1837-38-39-30
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.12    Note:    Undated   The Beagle's Peculiar Service 42-page typed document on the subject
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.13.3-6    Note:    Undated   Captain, officers, Crew, Passengers- Booklets entitled Walthamstow Village, The Victorian Sailor, The Dress of the British Sailor and The Dress of National Officers; Extracts from various books: 'The Captain's Clerk', Jemmy Button, 'A Two Years' Cruise off Tierra Del Fuego…', 'The Black Ship and Beaufort of the Admiralty'; Copies of Sullivan letters (Apr. and Aug. 1827); Notes on Naval Biography; A typed copy of a letter from R. FitzRoy to the Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Hardinge about the sea officer's life; Notes on those on board the Beagle, more materials on Sullivan in particular
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.14    Note:    Undated   On Charles Darwin in North Wales Various handwritten notes on C. Darwin in North Wales; A photocopy of an article 'The Sedgwick-Darwin Geologic Tour of North Wales' from Proceeding of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 118, No. 2, April 1974 [Barrett]; A book entitled 'Nature in Wales' for 1985
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.15    Note:    Undated   Misc Papers- Mainly on New Zealand; Photocopy of the Atoll Research Bulletin No. 88 on Coral Islands by C. Darwin [Stoddart]; Booklet entitled 'Coral Reefs: The Last Two Million Years' by D. R. Stoddart; A typed document entitled Bay of Islands" relating the Beagle's arrival in New Zealand; Various extracts from Adventure in New Zealand
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.16    Note:    Undated   McCormick Material for an article: Various research on Robert McCormick: 'Diary of his Voyage on the Beagle'; J. D. Hooker's correspondence from Kew; Photocopy from 'Life and Letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker' by Leonard Huxley, 'Ross in the Arctic' by M. J. Ross; Articles from various journals: 'Who was the Beagle's Naturalist', 'Robert M'Cormick Deputy Inspector-General Royal Navy'
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.17    Note:    Undated   Darwin in Galapagos: Activity on the Beagle; 2 Activity on shore; Handwritten chart of the activities on the Beagle and on shore
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.18    Note:    Undated   Charles Darwin at Malham. Settle Caves. Papers for an article: W. R. Mitchell's 'Walter Morrison: A Millionaire at Malham Tarn'; A photocopy of an extract from 'The National Review on Walter Morrisson'; Extract from W. Boyd Dawkins' 'Cave Hunting' (1874)
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.19    Note:    Undated   General papers: An extract of 'Some Unpublished Letters of Charles Darwin' ed. Sir Gavin De Beer; Notes on the chronology of the offer to C Darwin of a place on the Beagle' with R. FitzRoy + a typewritten reconstructed diary of events before the start of the 'Diary of the Voyage'; A typewritten note entitled: 'The missing record of the 'Beagle', 1831-36' and 'Peculiar Service'
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.2.13-17    Note:    Undated   Tahiti Scheme Extracts from Check to your King by Robin Hyde; Typescript by Mrs Mabbett from 'The Letters and Journals of Joseph Matthews 1831-79'; Extracts entitled 'Darwin's Debt to Philosophy…' by Michael Ruse; 'Missionaries, whalers and traders 1830-40' from The Exploration of N. Z. BY Mc Clymont; 'The Cocos Islands' from the Nautical Magazine Jan-Dec. 1833; Extracts from The South African Journal of Science Dec.1959 'Charles Darwin and the Cape' by S.A. Rochlin; extracts from New Zealand a Short History by J. C. Beaglehole; from New Zealand's Naval Story by T. D. Taylor; from Darwin and Huxley in Australia by A. J. Marshall; Photocopies of correspondence to the Herschels; A copy of bets on the Beagle; A photocopy of the 'Official Account of the Meeting at Tahiti Nov. 1835'; Notes on Augustus Earle
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.20    Note:    Undated   Old but Useful: Various letters mainly between C Darwin and R FitzRoy
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.21    Note:    Undated   V of Charles Darwin Souvenirs: Documents and newspapers clippings about the BBC series 'The Voyage of Charles Darwin'
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.22    Note:    Undated   Writing the Book: Extracts from Ronald W. Clarck's 'The Huxleys'; Documents on C Darwin and various societies (The Linnean Society, the Royal Entomological Society of London); Various extracts: 'The Eye of Reason: Darwin's Development during the Beagle Voyage', 'Darwin's Ecology and its influence upon its theory', 'Darwin's Health in relation to his Voyage to South America', 'The Impact of Darwin's Voyage to South America on his Work and Health', 'The Puzzling Illness of Charles Darwin', 'The History of the Collections contained in the Natural History Departments of the British Museum', 'The Genesis of Natural Collection'; Various correspondence and notes for the book draft
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.23    Note:    Undated   Odd Letters
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.24    Note:    Undated   Capitol ILEA. Adventures of Charles Darwin: Video sound track of Darwin's discovery on his voyage on the Beagle; Documents and travel brochures re. The Darwin Centenary Tour (Autumn 1982); Copies of the newsletters of CAPITOL RADIO 194, mainly on 'the adventures of C Darwin' (Sept.- Nov.1982); A plan of the Darwin scripts 'A Voyage with Charles Darwin' for the BBC
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.25    Note:    Undated   Darwin and Evolution A Science Jackdaw ed. Gerald Leach: Various documents on the theory of evolution
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.26    Note:    Undated   Charles Darwin in North Wales: Paper for Article inc Sedgwick Tour- Articles on Barmouth
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.27    Note:    Undated   Origin of Species, FitzRoy.Oxford Debate Huxley/Bishop — article papers; Materials for a paper on Robert FitzRoy and the British Association debate between Huxley and Wilberforce, Oxford. 30 June 1860
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.28    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy 1830-1840 — Beagle
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.29    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy 1841-1843 — M-P
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.3.1-2    Printed:    Undated   Survey. Ship — Various extracts 'The Voyage of the Beagle without Darwin' by George Basalla; 'The Admiralty Hydrographic Service 1795-1919' by Sir Archibald Day; 'Memoirs of Hydrography' compiled by L. S. Dawson; 'Facts and Observations on Hanging Ships and Rudders'; 'The fate of the Beagle' by Rev. V. Marshall Law; Notes on 'Chronometers'; Booklets: 'How the Chronometer went to Sea' by W. E. May, 'Sea Surveys' by Sir John Edgell; 'The Boats of Men of War' by Commander W E May. ; A copy of the 'Log of H.M. Sloops Beagle", commencement of Log of Ships kept by B. James Sullivan'; A typed draft of 'Captains Orders. HMS Beagle'. Signed R. FitzRoy; 'HMS Beagle (Rough Draft) Aug. 1980'; 'Stokes Papers, Captains Orders, HMS Beagle'; 'some notes taken from Narrative of a Voyage to the Southern Atlantic Ocean (1828-1830) in H.M. Sloop Chanticleer"
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.30    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy 1844-1846 — N-Z
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.31    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy 1847-1854 — Arrogant
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.32    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy 1855-1859 — M-O
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.33    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy 1860-1865 — O
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.34    Printed:    Undated   R. FitzRoy Narrative — Narrative of Surveying; Voyage of HMS Beagle; Vol 2
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.35    Printed:    Undated   R. FitzRoy Journal — 1-Journal of First voyage of 'Beagle' 1829-1830; 2-Journal of Mr Syms Cowington 1831-1836; 3-Journal of Benjamin Helpman
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.36    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy Letters 1852-1864 — Photocopies of FitzRoy's Letters to Dr Shaw et. al.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.37    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy HMS Beagle — Papers re. the Cocos Isles by J.C. Ross (1836); Voyages of the Adventure and Beagle; Supplement to the 2nd, 3rd and Appendix vol. of the 1st edition.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.38    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy Letters/Reports to Admiralty — Letters and Reports to the Admiralty and the Hydrographer
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.39    Note:    Undated   R. FitzRoy Misc — HMS Beagle; Family letters; Career Outline Sheets
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.4-    Note:    Undated   America Land of Fires- Extracts from Tulimaan Jim by Soren Koustrup; Ross in the Arctic by M. J. Ross; Copies of correspondence between W. G. Tonkin (Hon Secretary of Walthamstow Antiquarian Society) and D. Stanbury
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.40    Printed:    Undated   R. FitzRoy Newspaper Cuttings
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.41    Note:    Undated   Beagle Ship
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.42    Note:    Undated   Beagle Officers
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.43    Note:    Undated   Beagle HMS Other letters written to C. Darwin on the Beagle
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.44    Note:    Undated   Beagle Log — Beagle Typed Materials
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.45    Note:    Undated   Beagle Artists
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.46    Note:    Undated   Beagle Action required
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.47    Note:    Undated   Beagle HMS library lists, catalogues etc
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.48    Note:    Undated   Beagle Artist Conrad Martin — Sketches done on HMS Beagle
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.49    Note:    Undated   P. P. King Journals 1826-1830- Journals of the Voyages of the Adventure and Beagle 1826-1830; Vol.1 King's Journal; Vol.5 Meteorological Chronometer Records
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.5    Note:    Undated   Galapagos — 'Darwin and his Finches' from the Journal of History of Biology (Spring 1982) [Sulloway]; 'Red Notebook. Watermark. John Hall 1831. Dry specimens'; Red notebook. Down House: A list of the specimens collected by Darwin in the Galapagos; handwritten materials on ornithology in the Galapagos
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.50    Note:    Undated   P. P. King Journals 1826-1830 Journals of the Voyages of the Adventure and Beagle 1826-1830; Vol.2 P.P. King + Sketch ; Vol.3 Stokes, Graves, Skyring.
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.51    Note:    Undated   Articles A-H
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.52    Note:    Undated   Articles I-Z
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.53    Note:    Undated   Darwin & Sullivan
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.54    Printed:    Undated   BBC TV The Voyage of Charles Darwin — Final Scripts January 1978
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.55    Note:    Undated   Darwin Stamps Miscellaneous
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.56    Note:    Undated   Islands — Falklands & Ascension Research Materials — FitzRoy — Darwin
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.57    Note:    Undated   Islands — Galapagos Materials for Darwin's Visit
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.58    Note:    Undated   Islands Falkland
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.59    Figure:    Undated   Conrad Martens Notebook 1835-1856; 1856-1878
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.6    Note:    Undated   Fitting Out — A typed draft chapter on how the Beagle was prepared for her expedition during the 6 months she took fitting out; A typed draft of the Beagle's 'Third Voyage', 'Isle of France', 'Coral Atoll'
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.60    Note:    Undated   William Mogg — extracts of Private Journal; Mr Syms Covington's Diary on Board the Beagle 1831-1836; Darwin and the Galapagos
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.61    Figure:    Undated   Portraits/Negatives/Duplicates Conrad Martens — P. G. King; Sulivan — J. L. Stokes; R. FitzRoy — Wickham's Wife; Island of storms (The Falklands)
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.62    Note:    Undated   Catalogues
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.63    Note:    Undated   Correspondence to Darwin On His Beagle Voyage
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.64    Note:    Undated   MA Thesis — The Administration of Governor FitzRoy in New Zealand; Notes of R. FitzRoy's Letters to his Brother Charles and Sister Fanny; Notes on C Darwin & R FitzRoy
CC-OldLibrary-STAN2.65    Note:    Undated   Ship's Logs Jan 1827 — Oct 1828; Ship's Log for HMS Thetis kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan for Jan 1827 — Oct 1828, 13 Oct 1828 — 14 Dec 1828; Ship's Log for HMS Beagle kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Commander FitzRoy 15 Dec 1828 — 11 Feb 1829; Ship's Log for HMS Ganges kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Captain Inglefield 12 Feb 1829 — 12 April 1829; Ship's Log for HMS Northstar kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Captain Arabin 13 April 1829 — 10 July 1829; Ship's Log for HMS Trinculo kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Commander Price 18 Aug 1829 — 21 Sept 1829; Ship's Log for HMS Undaunted kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Captain Clifford 23 Sept 1829 — 22 Nov 1829; Ship's Log for HMS St Vincent kept by Midshipman B J Sulivan under Captain Hawker 23 Nov 1829 — 30 Nov 1829
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